Can you be diabetic and still have tests come out neg?

Hi everyone…I was wondering if anyone could help me out …first my daughter was dxd w/type 1, almost 1yr ago…but over the past year my husband has been losing weight, mostly muscle, since he did only weight 155 and now down to 140 and looks like skin and bones…we’ve done all kinds of testing and even tested for diabetes, since everything is coming out neg the dr is sending him to an endo dr, my questions is…is it possible to have diabetes and still have test come up neg… I have read on this blog about a “different” type of diabetes…what is that all about? I do know that some people "go from type 2 to type 1” only because they my not have be dxd right, but what is this “hybrid” about.

What kinds of tests have come out negative? Has he tested an hour after eating? Has he had an A1C test done? If he has had a normal A1C result it’s unlikely that he has diabetes, but it’s possible if it’s borderline that he is at the beginning stage of developing Type 1.5 or LADA.

Have you tested his blood sugar using your daughter’s meter? Test him in the morning (before eating) and an hour after eating, as Libby suggested. Hope that you are able to figure out what it is!


If you are talking about LADA, I just blogged about it at

The other oddball form of diabetes is MODY which is a collection of genetic forms of diabetes, but they don’t typically cause people to waste away.

The only test that really rules out diabetes If the test that looks at your husband’s blood sugar after he eats. If he isn’t going over 200 mg/dl (11 mmol/L) he isn’t diabetic. And if he’s between 140 and 200 at 2 hours after eating he might have abnormal blood sugar, but it would be more likely to pack weight on him, not make him lose.

Has he had his thyroid checked out? Hyperthyroidism can cause dramatic weight loss, I believe.

He did have some blood work done for his thyroid, can that test come of a false neg? I guess the endo works with thyroid condtions too…

Sorry, but what is LADA?

crones, cancer, ceilac, everything from the neck down has been scanned and biospied, everything looks good