Can you overfill a pod?

Kennedy has a skin infection from a pod and we changed her out this morning,

bizzarely while filling the pod with 200 u, some insulin came out the fill port, in a little pool. So I said to myself crap, I really need this 200 units in here cause of puberty and she uses every bit of it,

i tried to put a guesstimate more in there from how much was in the pool,

it calibrated fine, and when she inserted she felt it go in, but then we saw a big pool of insulin in and around the cannula that soaked the adhesive around the cannula,

Has anyone ever done this before?

Either I overfilled the thing and pressurized it causing extra insulin to come out, or The cannula is not in. The insulin is all in now and we did a correction and her bs seems to be coming down and the site is now dry,

I guess you really just have the one chance to get the insulin in on the first try, huh?

What other things have folks tried to be sure and get the 200 units in there?

Anyone else have this problem?

this happened to me when I was using the pod. Sometimes they prime way more than they need. I would look like 10-20 units. Not sure if you are using the old or new ones but I had a huge problem with them over priming or going dead and loosing insulin.