Can you tell me if I am correct here?

If the below is true and you have an A1c in the 6’s to mid 7’s, then your postprandial numbers are probably pretty good because studies show that lower A1c’s tend to have post-prandial numbers weighing more

Fasting vs post-prandial hyperglycemia
Hemoglobin A1C <7.3%:
Postprandial Glucose: 30%
Fasting Glucose: 70%

Hemoglobin A1C 7.3-8.4%

Postprandial Glucose: 50%

Fasting Glucose: 50%

Hemoglobin A1C 8.5-9.2%

Postprandial Glucose: 55%

Fasting Glucose: 45%

Hemoglobin A1C 9.3-10.2%

Postprandial Glucose: 60%

Fasting Glucose: 40%

Hemoglobin A1C >10.2%

Postprandial Glucose: 70%

Fasting Glucose: 30%

Can you provide a link to this information? Thanks

Excuse the question…

“Post-prandial glucose : 70 %”

70 % of what ?

70% weight of your A1C result

Like the other posters trying to respond, I am not sure I understand your statement. Is this a hypothesis or did you read this as a conclusion of some clinical research?

Thinking about it, I personally do not see what a logical causal explanation would be for such a change in the degree to which post-prandial values play a role for overall HbA1c. What exactly makes them “weigh” differently, depending on how high they are (because that is what ultimately affects the value of the HbA1c)? What am I missing?

Please, OP, for those of us interested in learning more, could you clarify where the numbers above came from exactly?

I’m not sure where it originally came from, but Stephen Ponder cites something similar to this in his book Sugar Surfing.

Since the overnight and fasting periods take up so much more time than the few hours following each meal, it makes sense to me that if your overnight period is high and if you’re high before meals (meaning you’re even higher after them), you’re unlikely to have a low A1c. As that fasting control gets better overnight and before each meal, your A1c will get lower. As it gets lower and lower, though, in order to lower it even more you’ll have to focus more and more on the after-meal spikes.