Can you use an Omnipod for a few months and revert back to Medtronic?

My question is, if its possible to lets say I decide to use the Omnipod for a month using the Cut the Cord Program and then the 2nd month I decide, I dont want it anymore, can I switch back to my old pump? Would I have any problems with the insurance because of this program

I would ask the insurance company.

What does the Cut the Cord program stipulate? Is there a trial period for the OmniPod where you can return it if you are not pleased?

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I don’t think anyone will be able to give you an answer because it’s up to your insurance company. The good news is Medtronic supplies are cheaper per month, so it might be easier convincing them to cover MiniMed supplies again than if you were doing it the other way around.


Theoretically yes. For many insurance carriers, an Omnipod can be charged under the prescription benefit plan. Usually Omnipod will help with this. By opting out of the DME portion of the plan you usually give up certain things like accumulation to maximum out of pocket. But you also gain some flexibility. It is usually a simple matter to opt back in to the DME portion of the plan.

This usually works because an Omnipod is not considered a piece of medical equipment.

Not sure what you have decided as each is personal, but I adore my Omnipod. I literally felt like I didn’t have a machine attached to me all the time and have much tighter control! My endo told me no one in their office that’s switched to Omnipod has ever switched back when that discussion was brought up by me. I’m sure though many have switched back, just sharing how it’s changed my life for the good!