Candy everywhere!

Just needing to vent a bit … as I sit here at my office, working through lunch again, and staring at the huge bowl of Halloween candy on the table just six feet away from my desk. It’s been there for a week and every time it gets close to empty, someone fills it up again.

The people in my office take pride in bringing in only the good stuff. Reese’s peanut butter cups, the big ones. Mini Snickers and Butterfingers. Those round Lindt bonbons in the foil wrapper. Pumpkin-spice flavored Hershey’s kisses that are weird but also kind of good, not to mention addictive.

Soon the Halloween stuff will be gone, only to be followed by Thanksgiving pie season, and then candy cane and Christmas cookie season …

Somehow my little baggie full of celery sticks and cheese cubes is just not cutting it today. I had one peanut butter cup and two kisses, and I’m drawing my line in the sand right here, right now: I’m not going to have anything else from that bowl!

No. Most definitely am NOT going to do that.

Okay. So now we’re clear.

Thank you for listening!

So tempting I know! :slight_smile:

lol, funny you mention this…My job always has something in the break room for us to eat…Donuts, cakes you name it…
I hold my ground but every once in a while I have a half of a donut.