Cannot get care/meds/assistance


I am a person who has been essentially trapped in my home due to a nontransportable injury 4 years ago.

I developed t2 db over 2 years ago (I have a blood meter).

I cannot get meds or care. I am employed, but cannot afford the home visits I need for diagnosis and meds, and I cannot interest a doctor or social services in my situation.

I am totally disabled, and have been denied disability. I have had to keep working and paying self-employed Disability Insurance during the entire event.

I have no advocate, no voice, everything I have tried to obtain care has failed. I cannot afford home care, and have no way to get the attention or prescriptions I need. I have tried every avenue I can think of, and not only have I not met with success, I have, in general, been insulted, lied to, and harassed.

I am developing lesions now, and must find treatment. I am dying...rapidly... because I cannot obtain care and medication which are everywhere available all around me.

I need clear, effective advice on how to find some way to get care and medication, immediately.

My apologies for the drama, and thanks in advance for any useful advice,


So sorry to hear of your circumstances. I don't know if this will help, but this is a website that shows doctors by state that do home visits.

link- aahcp

Try calling the American Diabetes Association, find the number on line. Nancy

also call an ambulance ,elevated blood sugar can be an emergency. Nancy

They only provide advice on how to manage diabetes. Although I will call them, I already know that advice. I need actual medical care or advocacy.

I am wary of that suggestion for a variety of reasons, The main one being that it is unclear what they can do for me since I cannot be transported safely. What would be the goal of such a call? What would I be requesting?

Contact they will help with supplies…it is an awesome organization. I don’t have insurance but I will be getting a pump from them at a low low cost. They do offer free testing supplies.

I am somewhat at a loss. You say that you are fully disabled and you cannot be transported. In the US, that would typically lead to being given disability and government sponsored care under Medicare. Yet you don't have that and I'm not sure this is the place to help you get that. There may be other forums that can better help you navigate that effort.

We do list a number of Patient Assistance Resources on our home page. These might be sources that could help you get affordable medication, but in the end you will still need to see a doctor somehow.

I'm very sorry. I know how people fall through the cracks. I am assuming you are in the US.

Persevere in your fight for disability. It usually takes 2 years to get SSDI and can take even longer. It is not always fair. Get a disability lawyer, they can help you get SSDI and don't charge anything until you receive your back pay and then it is a very reasonable fee. I think they are capped at around $5,500 as the max they can charge. Disability will open the way for medicare since you will become eligible after 2 years from your disabilty determination date (not the date you are notified you qualify).

Does your state have any kind of advocacy department? In Oregon, there is something called Senior and Disability services who help you with applications and to find help for your problems.

Has your disability insurance company really told you that you have to keep working? Generally, if you become disabled (even if it is temporary like a broken leg) they just need something from the dr showing why you can't work. Once you are actually on your STD then there is usually some kind of allowance to not pay while disabled. After 6 months or so you would roll to long term. Which once accepted you don't have to pay anymore premiums. Actually, most of them, if you are on STD then you don't have to pay anymore.

Talk to the welfare department about medicaid. I was on it for a couple of years and because of my D I got accepted which is pretty tough to do. In Oregon, one of their questions was, will you die or have serious complication if left untreated.

If you need meter supplies look on Craigslist. I have seen a few people who have made themselves clearinghouses for leftover meters, strips and lancets. They can't handle drugs but often have strips they can give you.

Can your diagnosing dr. give you prescriptions? I have had drs. pity my situation and be willing to do this as long as they know you well enough to know that you need it.

Call churches or even homeless shelters in your area. They often know their way through the tangle of services and can help you find what you need.

If you can do something to get into a hospital system they have social workers that help you find services. When I was caring for an elderly relative they did wonderful things for me and hooked me up with all kinds of organization and information.

Also, if your other disability has some form of support organization you might want to join that. I know I was helping a friend out and was able to hook him up with some MDA benefits for his muscular distrophy.

Good luck and I hope you find some help.

Do you have a lawyer helping you to get disability? It seems you are definitely elegible for that. I think there are firms who will help with this and not charge a lot. I hope some of the other sources listed can help you get the care you need. Maybe a friend can help you get some supplies and meds also? I'm so sorry you're in this situation.

I don't know if this is true or not but my doc told me some places like stop and shop give metformin away for free with an rx? I actually asked them this but they said they didn't, but you could research this maybe?