Cannula up or down on thigh?

Hi All, does the cannula go up or down on the thigh? first thigh placement for kennedy and she has been high. ? tips?

I've done (and currently do) it both ways. It doesn't make much of a difference. I think it's slightly more reliable when it's down but I like it when it's up because I can actually see the cannula and know it's in my body. Either way works blood sugar wise for me.

Probably up - i.e. the view-port is up, because then the outlet port of the pod is at the bottom and it is much less likely that air bubbles will end up going down the canula.

Don't the instructions suggest that the pod should always be oriented with the view-port up or horizontal? I always go up on my arms.

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Hi natalie, i would hazard, down on that, but we haven't done thighs since last summer, they are good for bathing suit season for my self conscious boy and stay on better in the ocean for him. but like you we found the site more likely to bruise and bleed, more uncomfortable for him with running ect, and have had a few occlusions there, our omnipod rep said it wasn't her fav. spot d/t all these reasons, a muscular area, but we will try again come summer, jacob is mainly a belly guy and occasional arms but i do worry about his sites getting tired, has kennedy tried her low back, i cant get jacob to try it, best of luck! amy

I find it works better down, as gravity and motion don't want to pull it away from your body. I use my thighs if I know I am going to be playing basketball because the pod is well protected there. I almost always go down. I have found that the thigh is the spot most likely to develop occlusions. I guess it's because that area is constantly jiggling around as you walk.

I always place mine on my thighs with the cannula UP. I have 2 sites I use on each thigh and rotate to give the areas some recovery time. I have good control and by far the least amount of occlusion errors compared to everywhere else.I also put a Tegaderm on first and place the pod over it. Stays on better and no glue cleanup.

thanks, yes she is doing lower back right now, and lots of bottom, that has lots of surface area for sure to get through, I will upload a pic of her with it on upper back for him to see when I get a chance we are several days later on a new site with still high blood sugars, so maybe its just the diabetes, its so hard to tell

that does make sense, the leg is constantly moving! and jiggling... maybe some coban? she wants to try there again today cause we're going to six flags and the roller coasters might hit her upper back/bottom

just trying tegaderm today, and it does seem to be peeling up a tiny bit already?? Does the tegaderm stay on for the full three days? we just put some coban over it in case, but one of our problems is if that adhesive starts coming up on the end away from the cannula, it changes the angle of the cannula and causes a kink... the reason the adhesive comes up is from her scratching, usually, and sometimes she scratches in her sleep...

I'm not quite following you on the cannula part....I sometimes get an edge of the Tegaderm start to peel away, but I just press it down. Make sure the area is clean first with no cream or ointment on the area. After you place the Tegaderm on the skin, then place the pod over it so. If you centered the pod over the Tegaderm, you should see about 1/8 inch of the tegaderm all around the pod sort of framing it (except for the canula end where about 1/2 inch of the pod will extend past the tegaderm) I think scratching will undo the whole thing. Over time I think she should have less itchiness since that pod adhesive won't be irritating her skin.