Cant always be a crusader...but you can try!

Well, I have come to a harsh reality over the last few days: It is very tough to be a crusader for the best things in the diabetes world. I have found out through my experiences on message boards and even on Yahoo answers (haha!), that information is a luxury.

For instance, not everyone knows that the new gold standard in Diabetes care has nothing to do with insulin shots. Even though coverage has almost become universal, not many people are familiar with the GINORMOUS benefits of insulin pump therapy. I dont care if you get stuck with a Deltec, its still better than taking 4-6 shots per day of insulin that only works for you some of the time. If it was my world, everyone would be on a pump at diagnosis. Its not even a competition.

Sidenote: for those of you who take it, Lantus is awful. Better than U or NPH, but still awful. Most people on it dont know that 33 percent of the time, the Lantus they took is not working properly. That means when you go high or low, it could be due to the fact that the insulin you took in the right way, isnt working in the right way. Sadly with NPH or U its over 50 %. No one told me that growing up.

Another thing that really grinds my gears is when people are told by certain companies that they are close to getting the CGM out for the general public. Deltec and Animas both tell their customers this, despite not even being in FDA trials yet. I was reading somewhere on here that a Deltec rep called their approval "emminent." I laughed out loud. The only company, other than Medtronic, that is even close to having a CGM that works in conjunction with a pump is Insulet/Omnipod, and its only because they are using a pre-existing company's CGM. It will supposedly be out by 2009, but I know for a fact that estimate is more than generous. Plus it doesnt make up for the insane problems with their "pods." Let me let you in on the truth, the Deltec "Navigator" and the Animas CGM arent even in the same ballpark as Medtronic. Zip code even. The FDA has 100-1000 different steps to get approval for a CGM, or any device for that matter, and both companies are on step 10 or less. I can almost guarantee that Deltec will never get theirs out due to budget problems (not to mention their parent company is giving up on them), and Animas doesnt even seem to want to try to invest in it. Yet, to my chagrin, both companies are promoting their CGM like it is on the market tomorrow. I CALL SHENANIGANS ON THIS!!!

Sidenote 2: I actually had a friend tell me that he wanted to try a deltec pump because he thought they might have a sensor and CGM out by next year. He has hypo-unawarness, bad problems with Dawn Phenomenon, and even worse, he gets seizures when he is below 50. I looked at him and said, why would you wait until next year when you can have it right this freaking second? He said, "Money. Minimed's pump costs 500 dollars more or something like that." My reply, "How much did your last ambulance ride cost? Oh, and the emergency room? Gotta be at least 2000 with your deductible." Needless to say, he was on a 722 a month later.

You may wonder, why I am such a Medtronic Zombie...

...Easy, they are the best, and they are always the first with new technologies, ALWAYS. They have the best support, the best (and most honest) sales force, they try to correct any problems you have, and they DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!!!! I was so happy to find out that I didnt have to go running around for a letter of medical necessity when I switched from Deltec to Minimed. I didnt have the time. They did everything. Oh, cant pay for it? No worries, how about a no interest payment plan for 12-48 months. NO INTEREST? Wow, that was shocking.

Its stuff like that, stuff that people cant avoid, that pisses me off. How would you know that your sales rep isnt lying to you? Well, most people dont, because most people cant spend the time to find out. Its not their fault, not at all. But, like I said, its too tough to be a crusader for what you think is right. I cant convince everyone that the Medtronic pump is the best, and I sure as hell cant convince everyone that Pumping is the best.

At least ill try.

I wish getting on the pump wasn’t so hard. my understanding is the area i live in is one of the few that don’t start kids on the pump right off the bat…dr’s want the kids to be about 8yr…why??? and you need to be able to count carbs???duh…what are we doing now?

It makes no sence to me why I, as a parent, need to push the pump idea…to me it makes sence to to be on the pump

I know, everyone has their side, but for me I believe in the pump and real time…I can’t wait for our daughter to get hers…

oh, by the way we have network insurance, it use to be BCBS

I read somthing in the JDRF news letter about real time,
I’ll see if I can find it for you.

here it is, news letter from jdrf

Tara, I know what you mean about kids being too young for insurances. A child at a camp I went to was denied by her insurance because they didnt think she could do it all by herself. She was 4. I couldnt believe their reasoning. Did they think her parents werent watching her every move? Cmon!!!

If you have that JDRF article that would be great!! Let me know!

i’m talking about the dr’s don’t think the kids should have the pump…I did find one that will work with us to help get a pump…

That is great. Sorry I misunderstood. Some doctors just arent convinced for some reason. What most people dont get is that it is their treatment, and they make the calls.

For me the problem is my insurance company doesn’t want to spend the money. Which makes no sense to me considering in the long run it is going to keep costs down as it will decrease my chances of further complications.

I totally agree. Insurance doesnt really look at the long term picture.

Its funny because they dont understand that helping people in the short term by spending a little, helps them long term because they wont have to cover a ton of hospital and emergency charges…

Hi Adam - I got my pump about three months ago, and I gotta say, I had pretty much the opposite experience with the Medtronic people. My local area rep was pretty pushy and actually quite rude when I spoke to him about some of my concerns about the pump. I ended up going with Animas for a variety of reasons - liked their bolusing features better, liked its calculation of IOB better, and the waterproof-ness was a plus - but I also just loved their customer service people SO MUCH. Whereas I always felt like Medtronic cared about my money, the guys at Animas struck me as being more concerned with incorporating a pump into my lifestyle and making it a success. After watching my mother go through many a pump failure drama and completely unaided insurance battles with her Minimed’s over the past 7 years, I didn’t want to stage a repeat performance. So I went with my gut and got an Animas 2020. I didn’t choose it because of the color screen or because it was one of the smallest options out there - I chose it because it was the one that I felt most comfortable making a four-year commitment to. Maybe we’ll break up in a few years, maybe not. This is what worked for me, and I’m sure that every other pump user on this site will tell a very different story from mine. Luckily, we all have the opportunity to make informed decisions about our care, and while it’s great that you’re so happy with your Medtronic, it’s important to note that, unless there’s a pump company out there performing human sacrifice as a method of FDA trials, there all worthy of a good, hard look by interested patients and, with the right use, will make an incredible contribution to any user’s quality of diabetic life. I know that my pump already has for me.

Hey, any pump is better than no pump.

Thanks for your opinion.

Hey Adam, I totally agree with you re: pumping being the best. But I was wondering your source of info re: Smith’s being ready to dump Deltec (Cozmo). I’ve been a happy Cozmo user for 5 years now (on my second one after the warranty expired on the first), and have found their customer service to be great. They also did the legwork w/ the ins. co. for me. I chose the Cozmo because they were first to market w/ some of the advanced bolusing features. Minimed makes a great pump too and has caught up on some of the features. When I started puming 5 years ago, the minimed rep told me that he expected a closed loop pump within 4 years. Still waiting.

Closed loop is very far away because of how they will have to present it to the FDA. Ill use Medtronic because they are the closest so far. The FDA wont approve a closed loop in one step. The first thing they have to approve is the pump/CGM, which they have for minimed. Once the CGM is approved as a replacement for BGs, they will move to the next step. The next is a pump that will be programmed to watch for bad signs and correct for those, Minimed is as far with this as most of the other companies are with their pump/CGM. After a few stages of the correction pump/CGM, then they can try the first closed loop.

As for Smiths getting ready to dump the pump, they are having MAJOR budgetary issues that makes the company see that pumping is a very risky business. Smiths main focus, like Medtronic, is elsewhere, but they dont have the 85% market share either. To release a CGM would put deltec out of business, so that is out of the question, as the CGM is not profitable in any way - right now, that is. So, because Deltec is getting out sold by a ton, with a tiny sales force, Smiths is not working on anything new - pump wise. Thats why I love that the reps are promoting the CGM as “eminent.” I laugh.

I agree with you about minimed pumps. A couple of years ago I tried an Animas pump. I had so much trouble with it that I finally went back to a minimed. I had 2 screens go out the first 6 months I had the animas pump and the final thing that made me go back to a minimed was that while I was sleeping the pump stopped giving me insulin and I woke up with a blood sugar over 500.