Can't believe what they said

France is my country and I can’t believe what I read : my government wants to reduce the numbers of test strips for diabetics (type 1 and type 2, all in the same boat). You know here we have (had) Sécurité Sociale, and when you have diabetes for instance, all your medications for diabetes are free. It’s a very good thing. In our country we are living in a Republic, where those 3 words seemed to be forgotten : Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité. And now, there is no money. And the project of law is to repay only 1 test strip by day… how can I try to go well? What about the children, the adults who are trying to live with insulins??? Where are we going to?

Yesterday people were in the streets and I saw a man with a placard, and I read this:" I’m diabetic and
“you” (the project of law of the government) want to kill me" . I hope and think the French government doesn’t want to do that and this project will stay as a bad project of law. Maybe I had a nightmare

I hope that you did have a nightmare. I do not believe it either. No Diabetic can live by 1 test strip a day properly especially if a Person is on Insulin. .Much more protests for sure. I’m afraid this will happen around the world.

our state insurance covers 3 strips a day which is not much as well, I have to buy another 3 strips a day on average but just 1 strip would really be a death sentence for those who are from lower income families… hope your government responds to the protests and does not pass the policy.

the Association Française des diabétiques asked the government and nothing new. But I think we have a very strange government now. Yes death sentence because here people are more and more without work… It’s easy to show to others one group of people, they spent all the money of France Securité Sociale, and History showed us what could happen! I’m really afraid about.

8 to 10 to control. 6 is the minimum (before/after meals) and we need so many times to test (before going out, when I’m feeling that I’m not well (hypo, hyper)…I got 2 boxes of 100 each month, they are free.

You are seeing the dark side of socialized (i.e., government-mediated, government-provided, paid-for-from-taxes-instead-of-personal-income) medicine: at some point in time, care will be rationed and those whose health costs more than the average person will be marginalized out of existence (unless they have the resources to purchase that care privately – possibly even out-of-country). The only difference between this and free-market medicine is that a chunk of all available funds for medicine goes into the pockets of bureaucrats rather than going into goods, services, and research.

Boy at least you get something free. Not here in the US - we had a big debate thread going on about this. No diabetic anything for free.

I will have to get me one of those “I’m diabetic and ‘you’ want to kill me signs.” and go stand in front of the White House (and get arrested - maybe. LOL)

Ouch and I really liked the French health care system hope it doesn’t pass.

I like my French health care system born after second World War and came from 1936. The thing that I can’t understand is why only one test a day for diabetics with insulins. In france we have no french glucometer, and when we want to use an American pump for instance, the Omnipod, some French research study the object for two or more years… there’s something wrong. Yes, I thing there is research. And don’t forget there about ( or aound) 60 millions of people in France and only 140 000 type 1 (children and adults). This project of law is bad.
I hope they didn’t know diabetes.

There is a dark-side to everything. If every Government would step up and look after their own Citizens with the tax dollars and monies donated, then their Citizens wouldn’t need to go to other countries to get help which significantly stresses the countries giving them the aid. There are many other reasons but the economy has been going downhill for all countries as we know. for many years resulting in the lacking, we see today. The corrupt actions and greed of major companies has played a big part in the negative also. Everything is connected.

On a brighter point, KimKat, you crack me up. :smiley: Thanks for the weekly smiles.

A small victory : the French government told diabetics that tthe French health care ststem (Sécurité Sociale) will repay tests strips but there will be a difference between type 1 and type 2.


What is this difference going to be between Type 1 and 2? My guess is Type 1 will get more strips. That is so oddd. It is just a way for them to save money.

Thanks Terrie! I try. We diabetics have such crazy lives that we have to have some funny stuff (well, I do or I think I would lose it! :slight_smile: )

I have been reading your comment about the allowance of 1 test strip per day, I had a similar situation when my Doctor reduced my test strips & I then became very anxious as we all would, So to give me some backup when I need to test I purchased some visual strips, see .
I hope this will give you some piece of mind, It did for me, also when modern electronic testers fail because of low battery, extreme heat,extreme cold the old method still works. So what if it takes 2 minutes instead of 5 seconds they worked for me for 30 years!
I do hope this helps you and others who have the same problem.