Can't get back after kideny stones

It has been very difficult to get back into the diet and exercise. It is easy during the work week but the weekends I drag around. It is like I work hard to get thru the week and when the weekend gets here I am out of gas/determination.

I have an ENDO visit in 3 weeks and anything I can do now will be reflected in my A1C.

I feel like I have lost my determination to beat this diatetes by hard work.


The very fact that you posted this here, rather than saying, “Why waste my time on some stupid diabetes site” tells me you have NOT lost your determination.

Hey Russell!
I had to have the ‘blasting’ of my kidney stone and that took me a month to recover. Patience and don’t beat youself up. One day at a time and keep the faith. My A1C went from 5.5 to 7.5, but I am working to get it back down. I have chosen the low carb route and so far it is working.
Just hang in there and keep trying every day.