Can't go off insulin?

The other day my mom told me that once you go on insulin you can't go off of it. In the case of my son who is type 1 he obviously can never go off insulin. But in the case of a newly diagnosed type 2 I would think insulin would help bring down blood sugars while they had time to make lifestyle adjustments and lose weight that would allow them to then control blood sugars without insulin. What do you think?

I think using insulin as a stopgap is a great idea as long as whatever non-insulin methodologies employed normalize BG or get the peron close. I’d rather take insulin than work out 3x/ day and not eat many carbs but that’s easy for me to say, with T1

I've heard of Type 2s who take insulin and then at some later date are able to stop taking it.

I'm Type 2 that has been med free for two weeks now after over 5 years of Levemir and Metformin. I could be honeymooning, it could be weight loss, who knows what else.

I've known a few T2s who have started insulin and gone off. I know one guy who lost 80 lbs and now he takes nothing, no insulin and no oral meds either.

Sometimes insulin is the motivator to some people who realize, hey it is time to make some lifestyle changes.

I think the reason for type 2's who CANT come off insulin is because in my personal opinion as a health care worker, management of type 2's is not nearly aggressive enough. I think they push the oral meds for WAY to long, forting the pancreas to do stuff its struggling to do, with dismal results. I don't think enough education is given regarding diet and exercise, its this take a pill and it will fix it all mentality. That and I think a lot of people unfairly enough see Type 2 as something that is YOUR fault. You did it by being fat, lazy and with poor eating habits, so they don't really push or expect much. All that leads up to the pancreas just saying screw you, I've had enough, and thus not being able to come off insulin. Insulin's natural, I think in my own opinion the sooner Type 2's were started on insulin, and skin or cut back relying on oral meds, and diet and exercise and education really stressed, you could potentially see a lot of Type 2's come off meds all together.

Its an old myth, type 2's can go off insulin, given the right combination of weight, exercise, and other factors that should be considered with your doctor. I heard this 37 years ago and before that. but the truth is Type 2's go off on a finally regular basis. Many people in fact find short term insulin usage to be very beneficial.

Now having said that, When a person might have more weight it can be a challenge. Also in certain medical cases, insulin will be given as a cover for certain medical issues. For instance, i know a fellow who was in a coma state for over 4 weeks, he was given a feeding tube and was given low amounts of insulin. Once he came off the feeding tube he was removed from insulin.

I went off it successfully.

Yes, I have heard of T2s who had to take insulin for a period of time but were then able to stop because they were able to get their BGs down through diet and exercise. Insulin isn't an addictive substance. External insulin that we inject simply replaces or augments the insulin you would naturally produce. T1s produce little to no insulin, so they have to replace naturally-produced insulin with external insulin. T2s are resistant to the insulin they produce, so injecting external insulin can help bring BGs under control. However, if they lessen their insulin resistance somehow (through diet or exercise), they can end up requiring less or no external insulin.

What about T2s who are thin/normal weight when dx? There are some hanging out on this site (say hello folks, you know who you are). And no, I'm not talking about the ones who are actually misdiagnosed T1s.

Completely agree. You can stop taking insulin whenever you want, if your pancreas can produce its own.
The sooner you start , the better relief you put your pancreas at.

Hi guys

I am one of those. The key,for me, was getting my glucose under control after spending 3 or 4 years of not paying attention.

I started with metforman which was tweaked several tomes. Then I had to add Lantus for long-acting insulin, started at 15 units at nite, and quickly got to 30 units.

The last step was to add test and inject Humalog at every meal. This got my attention. It is now almost 2 years and I am at no Humalog, 5 units of Lantus, and metforman. If things keep going at this rate I think I will drop the Lantus by year end.

So, I think you can stop insulin use. bUT … I think you still need to pay attention so a renewed need is not overlooked.

I have dropped 40 pounds, quit smoking, and walk about 30 minutes per day . a BIG change in lifestyle.

Do not overlook the fact that we are all different. There is genetic piece to this puzzle and you are just stuck with that part. There is a lifestyle piece that you CAN control,but YOU must do the work there.

I’d say thanks to your Mom for her support. Then get to work and when there is no linger a need for the insulin just smile as you tell her you are happy to assist in her education.

The key to this thing, in my opinion, is for YOU to be The Boos!

I have a friend who's blood sugar was sky high and he didn't know he had diabetes. He ended up in the hospital when it was diagnosed and he was put on insulin for a few months or so, and then he was able to switch to pills, which 10 yrs or so later, he still takes. He doesn't take insulin. So in his case he was able to get off of it.