Can't help myself

A1C today 6.4, down from 7.1 in January.

Way to go Karen!! I'm very happy for you! And I still have those reservoirs for you if you want to figure out an undisclosed location at which to get them! I'll bike them to your house sometime if you want...let me know!

Thanks Mike. I have to figure out a way for me to not be so hermit like to obtain your offer :)

Congratulations! That's a great A1C !!

Yay! This is some really good news. And please don't be a hermit, the season is here for getting out and about and grabbing up some resevoirs. So good to see you, Karen.

Congratulations!! I was afraid I was going to read a post how you just couldn't leave those cookies alone :-)


Great news. That's huge. Well done.

This weekend we have a dance recital on Saturday so Sunday might work. It's supposed to be hot but I've already done a couple of hot runs this year...Really, I need to get rid of them as they are confusing my head about the # of sets in my closet of pump supplies! Maybe not as happy sa your bg relt but, well, close!

Yay!! congratulations!!

Awesome and inspiring. How did you do it?


Woo-Hoo!! Good for you

You're a ROCK STAR! Nice work.

Congrats, Karen !! That's great. You must have really worked on it.

Great news Karen! It's nice when hard work pays off.

Way to go, Karen!!

Ohhh a dance recital! Such a good dad! I know how much fun those dance recitals are for dads...hours of tiny dancers. My hubby had to endure 14 years of dance recitals. :)

Congrats Karen!! I'm so happy for you. I know how much effort that took and you've been working so hard.

Awesome, Karen!!!! Congrats!

Like everyone else, I say congratulations. Keep up the good work.

I have many ideas on how I did it, big factor is that I feel like crapola if my bloodsugar is not in normal range, so most days I am careful about my carb count/intake. Another thing with the nice weather I walk almost every day.