Can't keep my bg down! Help!


Actually, that greeting sounds a lot better than my mood… I don’t know what to do anymore!

It has become a rare case that my bg goes higher than 200 or even 250. It keeps swinging around, but that’s another story and not a topic that should be discussed right here, it’s just a background information. So, I’m usually not that high up.

Except for the past 3 days and it really gets to me… I can’t seem to keep my bg under 200, no matter what I try. I think it may be due to my conjunctivitis, I know that infections can cause a high bg. But enough is enough, I’m so sick of it!

I need suggestions on what to do. Maybe someone has experienced this, too, and is able to tell me what actually works.

I increased my daily basal rate from 19 to 27, with almost no effect whatsoever.
Yesterday, I needed 15 (!) units to get my bg down from 230, although usually 5 is almost too much.
I usually wake up <100, but the last two days is was 210 and 275 and I don’t know what I did wrong.
Just now, my bg went up from 170 to 290 within 50 minutes - I didn’t eat anything but injected 1 unit (bedtime, I didn’t want to overdo it but still wanted to do something).

The only way to have a lower bg for at least a couple of hours is to overtreat the highs. Which is also bad because I drop too low and no matter how few I eat, I end sky rocketing again.

I feel like wanting to throw up all the time, I have a headache, I can’t sleep, I can’t concentrate on anything.

Any advices?
Additional note: I didn’t take any antibiotics, yet.

Hello Anne:

<<it’s just a background information. So, I’m usually not that high up.

But completely pertinant to the issue at hand. You need to see your MD and get the conjunctivitis squared away. Ignore them and they breathe massive fire… don’t ignore it. In your place, I would not worry because 250 is nothing to be concerned about. Annoying but not serious enough to get wound up about.

Try a new vial/pen of whatever you take. If insulin is not behaving pretty predictably, something else is likely going on. Advice sure, see your MD immediately… it can’t hurt! They will get you some antibiotics and life should return to “normalcy”.

More specific advice, give us more details ; )

could you possible have expired or bad insulin? one time my port for insulin delivery from my pump was bent completely in half and I was not getting the insulin at all…once I took the cannulla out and saw the kink in it, i understood why my BG was running so darn high.

I am having a simislar issue. I am taking 1.2 units of VICTOZA and hardly eat anything but my bg is still high. I only ate a banana and two chicken nuggets and my bg was 310. I woke up with a 39 and after eating a small breakfast my sugar jumped to 245. I dont know what to do! I am so frustrated!

conjunctvities can be the cause.last year i also had it and no matter how much insulin i took by bg never came below 200. Once the conjuctivities got better the BG also improved. All the best.

Hi Anne,

The only suggestion and idea that works is to make sure your insulin is okay first. 15 units is a lot to correct a high, in my opinon. Do get fresh insulin going…both basal and bolus! I think you should get to the doctor. Headache and not sleeping and inability to concentrate are not okay, and certainly need to be checked out. Please take care,

I think it definitely is the infection. You have to get on antibiotics pronto. Once you get the infection under control your BG will become controllable. In the interim – lots and lots of water and keep your carbs as low as you can. I hope you feel better soon

I’m in the “try a new vial/pen” camp. Insulin DOES wear out.

Bananas can cause highs, very fast. I actually use them to treat hypos…

An average banana has 20-30 grams of carbs. For me that’s enough to raise my BG 80-120 mg/dl.

Also, the breading on chicken nuggets is usually pretty carby.

So that might help to explain the 310?

That’s what I thought at first. But I checked it (although it was a rather new one) and it’s not.
I even tried a whole new one, but the effect was no different from before.

I also checked for bubbles, nothing. It’s not broken, either, and I seem to have the same problem with basal and bolus.

I was thinking about seeing my MD anyway… but today is the first day I actually can, easter simply has too many holidays. I have an ointment that works, so my bg is the bigger emergency than my eye. Even with a working treatment, this kind of infection takes a few days to heal, and it gets better.

I know that some people might think I’m panicking. I’m amazed myself that I didn’t measure a single bg over 300, but constantly over 200 (or rather 250) is just as bad. The only reason it didn’t go up higher is that I measure my bg so often that I’ll notice early.

But you are right, I should see an MD.

I don’t think you’re panicking. I’d be freaking with constant 200+. Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe it. Possible that you might have another infection or illness brewing in addition to conjunctivitis.

Hope you’re drinking a lot of water.

What I do for persistent highs is take 1-2 units every hour rather than taking a large correction dose. Hard to do because I want to mega dose to bring that puppy down, but I’ve found that smaller, constant doses work better because they absorb faster. Also prevents the crashing lows.

When my BG hits the highs you mention I go for a two block walk regards of what time it it. If I feel to ill or panicky I scramble 2 eggs with pepper only, cooked in olive oil, for some reason that brings my BG down a little. I am no Doctor or scholar, I am a student like you are, and I am only letting you know what has worked for me. What I try to remember is stay calm, whether its chat here on Tudiabetes, and ask question like you, or meditate (pray, whatever), just stay calm. I am a type 2 but have many family members who are type 1, and in discussion we find similar issues and similar treatments or exercises.

I’d be flying high from a banana & a couple of chicken nuggets. High carb.

Morning tends to be a time of increased carb sensitivity/insulin resistance. I eat protein for breakfast to prevent morning spikes.

Have you checked your shot/pump site for lumps?
It may be why your BG swings with no obvious reasons… lumps cause the rate of absorption to vary incredibly!

May be worth a little check?

Hope you work it out! :slight_smile:

I agree!
It “deactivates” after 24 days out of the refrigerator or in extremes of heat (i.e. using the same vial after a holiday!)

I use pens so this probably won’t help but I was switched to Lantus in the am due to lows. (last year) In the last 2 months my morning bgs were running 120s-150s. After switching the Lantus back to night my morning bgs are back in the 80-100 range.