Can't seem to shake it

every night i lower my overnight basal rate a little more, yet every morning i waake up low. i didn’t get out of bed until ten which is something i never used to do. i’m all for good control, but waking up to a reading below 70 just kind of stinks. i’ll assume it’s because the exercise i’ve been adding kicks in affecting my blood sugars at night (even though i work out in the late morning). seriously though, these readings are kicking my butt and leaving me in a jumble for the rest of the day. my fiance knows that i’ve been having lows in the morning (he comes home today!) and has been calling me every morning to make sure i get up, test, and put some sugar into my system. he even sent his mom to check on me on morning because i was so exhausted i didn’t even hear the phone. through all of this i’m glad that i at least have someone close to me who understands what i need and does everything he can to help me be in the best control possible.

I also find that exercise most hits me at night, and I have an alternate basal for those nights. Are you eating something such as peanut butter before you go to bed? Besides the fact that it’s my fav snack, the extra fat helps keep me overnight.

I experience the same thing… I’m going to start using a lower basal rate when I exercise in the afternoon/evening.

Hope that you can get rid of these morning lows!