Can't Sleep. So hungry

So I think I might be a vampire. I have absolutely no trouble going into a sleep induced coma during the day, but at night when it's socially acceptable to actually be sleeping? Forget that. My body does not want to sleep. It rebels.

This has been a problem for a few years now. Even if I sleep all night, at some point during the day I just become exhausted. I once slept for two days straight until my schedule was reversed so that I was up all night and asleep all day. I swear I don't do this on purpose. Sure it's great that I'm more alert when the sun sets, but it's such a pain when I have work and school. I was not my teacher's favorite student, for a variety of reasons, but constantly falling asleep like a narcoleptic probably didn't help matters. My friend laughs at me because, without fail, when the sun rises my body is like, "Time for bed!" Likewise, when it sets I suddenly become full of energy and raring to go.

Usually if I lay in the dark long enough, I'll eventually doze off. This has not been the case since I've been diagnosed. As usual, my diabetes feels the need to make things difficult. Now, instead of just not being able to sleep I get so unbelievably hungry at nights. I recognize this as one of the earliest symptoms from before I was diagnosed. I would get this maddening hunger that usually ended in me just stuffing my face, crying and considering myself a big fat failure at life. Now that I've lost the weight and understand that this hunger is a symptom, not my lack of self control, it's easier to stay strong and not give in to the urges.

This does not make me any less hungry.

My god I think I'm drooling right now. I just had a stray thought about macaroni and cheese and this excess saliva just built up in my mouth. Disgusting. I've already had two snacks, an apple after dinner and a few hours after I had some crackers with peanut butter. I've already mildly given in to the urges tonight, so why am I still starving? I know lowering my sugar will make this nonsense go away, and I also know that if I keep with these late night snacks it'll be like a snake biting its own tail. I'll wake up with a high fasting sugar, I probably won't be able to bring it down much and by the time night arrives I'll be right back where I started. Staring at my darkened ceiling and drooling over macaroni and cheese that I can't eat anyway because it has too many carbs.

I need some kind of miracle here. I'm working hard and eating right, yet every night I'm in this same sorry state. Come on Metformin. Work with me here. You've given me the gas already. Now let's see some results!

Metformin does take a little bit of time to kick in. I also have had sleeping issues at night. I use sleep hypnosis. I found it on youtube. I had a real bad problem and he knocks me out when I cant sleep.

I listen to this guy and he knocks me right out. Also at night if you are hungry drink some water. It may fill you up. I get up hungry and If I do snack its on sugar free jello. So find a very low cal snack at night to trick the body into thinking you just ate something.

take care

I hate insomnia iwsh I could help as far as the hunger maybe try adding more fiber and protien and drink more water to your dinner tohelp you feel more full. hope that helps

I am a night owl too. I have always been. Even before D. It’s probably in your genes - it has to do with body temperature.

It certainly makes life more difficult but I refuse to feel guilty about it. I think there is something completely unnatural about getting up before it is light out. For me the day doesn’t start until around 10am. I am most awake after 7pm it seems. Yeah, doesn’t fit in with the rest of the world.

Metformin can take some time to work but macaroni and cheese and apples. Well, those are high carb, high sugar foods. You might want to rethink what you are eating. Fat, protein will get rid of the hunger. Unfortunately, with diabetes you can be a slave to your cravings.

I was wondering if when your BS are higher after snacking this is why you can’t sleep?

If you don’t break the day time sleeping then its hard for the body to go back and forth.

I don’t sleep well at night, I wake up 100 times, but I have Fibromyalgia and pain is High during the night for me.
Sleeping or taking a nap is not good for me, it keeps me up really late and then the next day I feel 1/2 dead.

A crazy cycle, but get your Bs down and it will help:)

Thanks for the comments guys. I don’t dare try that hypnosis video now, but I’m going to see how it works tonight. Sometimes meditation works for me, so maybe that video will be able to do the trick on those stubborn nights.

I think this whole sleeping thing is just the way I’m wired honestly. It goes back way before I was diagnosed. We’re talking the moment my mom stopped enforcing a bedtime for me when I was around 10. The high blood sugars definitely don’t help matters so you’re right Hismouse. It’s frustrating not being able to sleep when I need to, so that’s one more thing to keep me motivated into bring my sugars down.

Apples really are awful for late night snacks, but I can actually eat them before I work out. Only then though. It was a bad idea having one after dinner. As for macaroni and cheese…;-; I know. High in carbs. I haven’t had mac and cheese in forever, but I can dream…