Cap'n Crunch

Captain Crunch (full name Cap'n Horatio Magellan Crunch), known for his crispy cereal treats and the occasional Crunchberry excursion, dresses exactly like Napoleon. How did I miss this growing up?

Here's to his legacy, and to his constant victories over The Soggies.

The Captain and I are no longer friends. He’s a purveyor of the junk. The bad junk.

A little too crunchy for me…it was like eating a bowl of glass. Roof of the mouth felt like it was cut up. Oh the pain we go through for sweet delicious cereal.

It just struck me while I was getting for work this morning how he looked EXACTLY like Napoleon. Made me stop dead in my tracks and say, “Whoa!”

He’s evil, Kerri. And short, just like Napoleon.

I love that little Captain…and all of his accessories - even if he could cause death in just 3 bowls of his crunch.

You ladies, promoting the wares of an evil tyrrant!

U’re too funny, Kerri! :slight_smile:

The Peanut Butter crunch is best! Of course, I don’t buy it for MY kids. Poor deprived souls.

After Johnny Depp hit the pirate scene… can anyone really go back to Cap’n Crunch?

Oh, I used to love the Cap’n Crunch peanut butter cereal… but it has so much crap in it that I refuse to buy it any more. Barbara’s has a version like it, but it’s so high in sodium that I can’t touch it :frowning:

:frowning: stupid australia.We don’t get any of those awesome american foods like Reeses (drooooool), twizzlers, lucky charms, cap’n crunch, POP TARTS,and any of those other crazy things like purple fanta or cherry coke. Hmmmm I would much rather have poptarts than stupid old vegemite!