Car keys

Had quite an adventure on Sunday. I went to the Supermarket with the intent of getting an electric knife. I have been wanting an electric knife for quite a while. I could have had one years ago but never just never bought one. Anyway, as I said I went to the market…I also got some tomatoes and lettuce. After paying for those items (this is where my story gets interesting), I went to my car and reached in my pocket for keys and they weren’t there, I searched frantically by that time I was at my car and found my keys EEK WERE IN MY CAR.

That is when things got very interesting. I went back to the market and asked for assistance. I explained why I needed assistance but no one could help me. No one in the market knew what to do, so I had person at courtesy desk to call police for me. I talked to police and they said there was nothing they could do, even after I told them I had Diabetes and needed to get home at that moment I felt like I was stranded on an island. Someone suggested I call a friend. I wasn’t thinking clearly because it was near lunch time. I have never really felt that way and if I did I would reach for resources that I knew were available. Thank God I do have some resources I called a friend who came and picked me up and understood what happened, because it’s happened to her.

Although leaving my keys in the car is a rare event. Normally I would call my husband but he was unavailable, he was a distance away and out of reach by cell. When he returned home hours later I told him my story and he suggested I get keys made and keep them on my other key ring, which I had thought to do. End of adventure he took me to get my car and it was still there with the keys still in it.

Yikes!!! Been there done that!I keep a spare set of keys in the bottom of the diaper bag:)
I’m glad you had a friend that could come get you!

I’m glad you finally made it back home.You can also get a magnet holder.I’m not sure that’s what they’re called but you close a car key in it snd it magnetizes under your bumper.It has helped us out a few times.