Carb amounts for good control

I dont know what works for me. That’s my problem. I am not able to control it with diet and one metformin pill so far.

You didn’t do anything wrong.

When eating lower carb, exercising, losing weight (if needed) & oral meds (raising dosage) don’t get BG in range, many Type 2s take small insulin doses. Just read an article about how more doctors are prescribing insulin for Type 2s & it’s become a recommended protoccol.

There are benefits to insulin. It’s doesn’t have the side effects some people experience with Metformin & it preserves remaining beta cells. Most importantly, it brings BG into range.

Several discussions here about Type 2s on insulin.

Wow, you are like me. I have no idea how to control my diabetes.
I have read books, tried things, nothing works for me. Now, I am so fatigued I can’t exercise and have to save my energy for work.
Nothing works for me. I have made repeated trips to my doctor, and nothing.

How long ago were you diagnosed? I was diagnosed Aug 3. If my numbers dont get to where I think they should be soon, I’m going to ask for insulin, although that scares me. I assume that requires math! ARGH!!! I am not a math person!

Has your doctor raised your Metformin dose? Sometimes that does the trick, or another oral med.

When you were diagnosed, were a C-peptide (measures how much insulin your pancreas is producing) & GAD antibody (measures if your pancreas is under attack) tests done? Some doctors assume a person is Type 2 if they’re a certain age & many get misdiagnosed. I was diagnosed Type 1 at 53.

The math part is easy, I promise.

No, not that I know of. I think he just did an A1c because I asked for it.

I have 3 meals and 3 snacks a day and take in about 180 carbs daily. I eat healthy and excerise all the time. I’ve only known that I had diabetes since June 15, 2009. At first is was hard and my BG numbers was out of wack, but the last month it’s been great with an avg. reading of 98.

I’ve been to a few DE’s and most of them are NOT diabetic and put all diabetics in the same category, non-compliant. If the appointments were individualized for each patient, then diabetes would be much more manageable for the newly diagnosed and they could ask questions without feeling intimidated by others in those “diabetes classes”.