Carb avgs per meal has thrown me for a loop


Would you all mind helping me out a bit? I know that 45 carbs per meal would put me to sleep for at least two hours after every meal. Anytime I get too close to a bloodsugar number of 180 to 200 I’m ready for a nap!
I need to get things really down pat pretty quick. Finances are telling me that my time of testing is limited and I will need to trust my judgement by " guess and by golly"
Is it possible to just count calories and carbs to keep a hopeful good bloodsugar number?
Any thoughts?



Counting carbs alone is the best way to control blood sugars.

For most people if you test 75 minutes after eating you’ll see your peak (unless you are on Byetta which slows digestion or have eaten pasta or something with a lot of fat and carbs like pizza).

When I was controlling with diet alone, I knew I had to stay under 15 grams per meal. It didn’t really matter how much fat was involved, that was the amount that let my blood sugars stay flat. With metformin it went up to 20-ish.

But that’s me. You need to establish how much you can eat, but once you figure it out, it’s pretty consistent. So if you aren’t on insulin or a sulf drug that could cause lows (amaryl and glyburide, for example) you don’t have to test.

The biggest issue with carb counting is learning portion size. The counts you read are meaningless unless you know how big the portion is, and most of the counters give tiny portions. or are helpful for learning carb counts and I like LIfeForm because I can store all my own recipes in it and have it calculate carbs etc.

But the money I spent on an accurate food scale was the very best investment I made. Go by weight, not volume, and weigh everything you eat at home for a while, look up the carbs, by weight, and after a while, you’ll learn exactly what you can eat. You’ll also learn that the muffin at your local coffee shop is not the 2oz you see in the calorie counters, but 8!


Hi Jenny,
I’m not on any medicine. I have been taking some vitamins. I’ve got about 4 bottles left of Glucofast. ( I bought it when we had some cash:) but when it runs out; I need to know what I’m doing.
Anyway, do I need to weigh food? Can I just measure with a measuring cup? sigh… that little extra cash flow is gone. I wish I would have found this site sooner to ask questions:)
Would you mind walking me thru this?
Here is a list of how my days go by as far as food.
Mornings - If my bloodsugar number is close to 140 I’ll eat a couple of eggs or a half cup of yogurt with a small granny apple.
Lunch - If I’m around 110 to 130 I’ll eat
a cucumber sliced and use it as a “chip” to dip in some spicy hummus. maybe a small romaine lettuce salad with celery,cucumber,zuchini, yellow squash.
Or a cup of blackbeans that I have mixed taco seasoning into. ( :smiley: it tastes pretty good!)
Normally, by dinner my numbers are somewhere between 100 and 130 … That is if I hadnt cheated and eaten two slices of bread and some crunchy peanutbutter.( My biggest downfall. PeanutButter!)
Anyway, for dinner I eat two spicy black bean burgers with a mix of frozen veggies that I microwave. Or a Salad like the one above.
About once amonth when my hubby brings pizza home, I will indulge ( big time) on two pieces!
I eat Salmon or catfish grilled with lemon or other spices.
And I like to eat the EggPlant frozen dinner thing that is almost like eating a lasagna with no pasta.
I am an aholic when it comes to dietsoda… we have water here that tastes like Yuck!
I’m currently weighing in at 182 and am 5’5" so I know I need to lose more weight.
I guess the big thing that I have so far discovered is if I eat a basic vegan diet with very lean meats; my numbers stay really well.
It’s just that I so want to add a little bread or potato if there were some way to do that.
I’ve started keeping a paper diary of what I eat and drink and my numbers to help me see any patterns on certain foods.


oops! I forgot to say what happens when my fasting is over 140. ummm… I take my vitamins. Guzzle a couple of diet sodas til lunch.:smiley: Normally, by then my number is good enough to eat a meal.(meaning my number is somewhere around 110 to 135.