Carb counting and Is anyone on the glargine/lispro (longterm/shortterm lantus bolas) Injection scheme?

Hey there, I only found this site about an hour ago, to which its already had an amazing effect on me from just reading peoples discussions. Im a type 1 diabetic on the glargine lispro insulin scheme, so carb counting is a must. Im a graphic design student in london, and am currently designing a book which acts as a visual reference for carb counting, with images of every day foods weighed to 100g on a standadized sized plate with there carbohydrate values. So when out of the home at restaurants or friends houses, you can look at an image to see how much 100g of a certain food looks like and how much is on your plate, therefore have an accurate estimate of how many grams of the food you are about to eat and how many carbs u will be consuming. - therefore able to inject more accurately! because we all know u cant really ask them to weigh your food for u in a restaurant before they cook it :wink: or ask to see the back of the packet for the nutritional values! Anyways… where you come in, i guess i would just like some feedback, for now before its completetion just on whether you think this would be useful to you, and other diabetics who may just be starting to use this injection scheme and carb count… this project acts as 25% of my degree and feedback from whatever source possible is needed :(. When its finished if anyone is interested in seeing it, i would like to send out pdf copies to see if things need changing… and then hopefully although in england diabetic funding sucks! get some funding to have it produced… :S… big aspirations i know lol, and sorry that this has been the most long winded explanation ever! i hope u get what i mean lol. And thanks for anyone who replies :D, my email is also,

Aki, x

(James Naimi-Akbar)

p.s ironicaly, im going low on sugar lol — off to the kitchen!
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100 g is about all the carbs I could handle in an entire day of eating even with insulin.

15 g portions would be a lot more useful, particularly to people who are not on insulin and must control with diet alone. Very few Type 2s using diet alone can get anything near healthy numbers eating over 60 g a day of carb.

Ty for the post Jenny, but i think ther was a misunderstanding in my original post, - firstly i am specifically addressing type 1 diabetics with this book, and more specifically on the glargine/lispro injection scheme. If i was to get any funding from an association they would probably want me to make it for both types of diabetes. But an average portion of spaghetti bolognese for example… over 60g of spaghetti for an average apetite imo contains around 40g carbs… The injection scheme im on is to allow you to eat what you want when you want, for a more normal lifestyle. one long term, and then a seperate short-term to act on the amount of carbs you eat when you eat. I eat well over 100g of carbs a day. I mean a slice of bread has 11-15g of carbs on its own… so breakfast as wo slices is already 30g…with milk, jam, or other things. you get me ;)? Secondly - ive added a new pic of what 100g of new potatoes looks like on an average plate size, so you can see what i mean. Its not 100g portions of carbohydrates… its 100g of the food. in the example ive just added, that potatoe lot contains 17.8g of carbs. ;). So would prove useful for both type 1 and type 2. XXX :smiley: