Carb counting program for palm pilot or smart phone

Does anyone know of a free carb counting program for palm pilot or a smart phone. I carry both with me at all times and I think it would be nice to be able to have quick access to them in case I can’t find it in my carb counting book.

check out Handango. I use Diabetes Pilot, but it does cost. i know they have free ones though. you could also use your smart phone to send to

I use calorie king on my treo. You have to pay for it but it worth every penny specialy if you travel and eat out.

Thanks, I will check it out. I use a program called Glucose One for my palm pilot. It is a great program and even has a bolus wizard with it. It is free and the guy that created the program developed it because they were trying to keep track of everything when their son was diagnosed with diabetes. The guy is great with customer service as well. I recently upgraded my palm and the program wouldn’t work with my new palm and he actually rewrote the program to work with it for me. It took a few days as I had to keep telling him what the exact errors was I was getting but he reworked it.