Carb Counting vs Exchanges

So far, I’m counting my carbs. Calories, fats, and proteins, too. I’ve not tried to eat according to the “exchange” concept.

I’m not seeing a pattern though between calories and/or carbs and the BG levels. Sometimes, I can have a high carb meal and the BG be fine. Other times, it will be high. Or I can have a low carb meal with varying results, too. So I’m wondering if I should try the exchange concept as a way to keep a standard going.

Anyone use the exchange method? Why do you use it? Did you try just carb counting?

Long long time ago I tried the exchange method, but honestly I found better control with counting actual carbs and remembering that certain carbs spiked me faster. For example a rice cake has like 9 grams of carbs but it puts my bs up faster than a piece of toast.

The exchange “diet” was put forth by the ADA in the 1950s. I don’t really have much positive to say about the diet. If you were taught the diet years ago and have achieved reasonable success, then certainly you should feel comfortable continuing. But frankly, any diabetic looking for a diet would be better served by never being reminded that the exchange diet ever existed. As a prediabetic, your response to carbs in your diet will be highly variable. Make no mistake, if you limit the carbs in your diet, you will have success in managing the high levels in your blood sugars. But don’t fret that sometimes your blood sugar will be higher or lower than anticipated. Sometimes your body will generate a surge of insulin full ‘covering’ the carbs that you eat and other times, you will seem to be carb intolerant. In either case, I recommend that you wipe your mind of any mention of the exchange diet. My personal opinion.

Thanks for the advice! I won’t try it, then. I’m still learning and hope to stay on this side of the diabetes line!

I’m going to get a printer tomorrow and print out my menus. Then I’ll write on them what the BG was. Then I’ll look at specifically what I ate vs just the carb count. I have a feeling that potatoes are going to go bye-bye for me.