Carb ratios

Hey guys, I’m wondering if any of you have really low carb ratios? Mine is currently 1:50, and I find as long as I am active, I don’t need much insulin at all to cover a lot of carbs (and I do eat a lot of carbs). My basals are pretty normal compared to other people I talk to, about 0.8-1.1 u/hr depending on the time of day.

My carb ratio was more like 1:12 for years before I got into cycling, and I do start to notice an increase in my insulin needs if I’m totally sedentary for a couple days. All I can come up with is that maybe I have a higher number of glucose receptors on my muscles… any ideas or similar experiences?

Hi Sara,

It’s been a month or so since I’ve had a really good ride/workout. I’ve recently had to readjust even my basal rates to account for my sedentary ways. Should be motivation to keep moving right? lol I love Ohio weather!!! On average my daily insulin use went up 10-15% overall since being active. I can’t wait for the all the lows while I start riding again and get readjusted.

Sooo…morale of the story is you aren’t crazy, this could be a very normal ratio based on YOUR body.

Just my two cents!


Hi Sara,
Following up on what Mike posted, carb ratio is absolutely variable dependent on activity. Normal basal for me is .6 - 1.5 units depending on the time of the day. While in steady training my basal is reduced by 30%, for days on end. The carb ratio is much more difficult to figure; I view it as very fuzzy math. I find mine will range from 1:15 normally to 1:30 with steady activity, and sometimes even higher as a result of a really long training day. One of my teammates, Phil Southerland, has been documenting his adventures with fluctuating insulin ratios on his blog,

If you get it totally figured out let me know the secret.

Usually I dont’ change my diet when bikyng, only add some snack DURING biking (half an hour after starting and every two hours later). It’s not effective on my G- balance!

My ration jumped from 1:25 to 1:37 after starting to bike. I also find if I eat while exercising, I take almost no insulin.

Hey Sara,
Just like Tim P my levels also fluctuate widely when in training vs non training, basal varies form .5 to 1.0 and my ratio seems to even more in the cloudy area than I would like but if I moniter constantly I can stay on top of it’s movement