Carbs and cold/allergy medications

Hi all,

Our 6 year old is dealing with some hard core seasonal allergies, or a cold, or tonsillitis, or something the past couple of weeks. We have been giving him OTC drugs to try to help control it. Since then, his BG readings have been through the roof. We also are trying to get the hang of his new OmniPod and keeping the darned thing on.

How much of his high readings are from the medications or just being sick or getting the hang of the Pod?



My daughter started her Omnipod (or Pete as we call him at our house) on February 25th. When I called Insulet about the number of pod failures and the movement, I was told that a bit of tape across the end with the canula will help. It is made so that the pod moves around because of bending an such. My daughter is 9 and thin. We have had very good results with the stomach area and above her tush. For some reason it falls off her right leg, but not the left. She is right handed so we are thinking that she bumps that side more. Who knows? We have had some high numbers because of pod failures or the canula being pulled out without her realizing it. Make sure you clean the sight well because that also makes a big difference. Just oils from her body will make the thing not adhere as well and then a bump will pull the canula out.
Like I said, we have only been doing this for a bit over a month, but we would NEVER go back. It has made life wonderful, but it is an adjustment.

We call ours “Calvin.” : ) And incidentally, almost all the issues we had with the pod occurred in the first month or so - so hopefully it will get better!

What sort of cold medication is it?
If it’s a cold or any other sort of infection, numbers can go through the roof from just that - we also get through the roof numbers from growing. I’m not sure it’s even possible to figure out what the source of the highs is.
Where is he wearing the pod? My son gets really good results on his arms, and has only ever knocked one off and had one occlusion there in the 8 months he’s been wearing it. Even while playing multiple sports.

Could be that his basal rate needs adjusting too. Call your doc. Usually, if we have more than 3 or 4 days of unexplained highs we up the basal a little bit for that time period during the day and things finally start to come down.

I don’t think most cold meds make a difference in BG, unless they’re liquids with sugar in them. My daughter takes pills, and they don’t seem to make a difference. But, if she takes regular Robitussin, it bumps her numbers up a little. We either buy the sugar free or give her a 5 gram carb bolus for it.

of course they’re all liquid medications. Being 6 and picky, he won’t take much more. So they all have to stay sweetened and good tasting.

We haven’t named ours yet, since we’re not sure we’ll be keeping it if he can’t have more luck with it. We HAVE tried destroying a pod before, just to get our aggression over diabetes in general out, and can’t do it. Even drove over one with our Mazda CX-7 with no luck LOL