!@#$ Carbs

I have been trying to cut down on my carbs, but it seems like the more I try, the more I want them. It has been leading to carb binges and I’m not sure what to do.

I think one thing that is good, is that I have an appointment with a dietitian, at the request of my doctor. I initially avoided it because they might just give me the Exchanges diet, which nobody seems to like anymore. But I need much more structure than I have right now.

For years and years I did Weight Watchers. That gave me a structure to work within. I’m not planning to do WW anymore, because it won’t give me enough feedback about carbs. Even the Core plan is high-carb (even though it’s low-refined-carb). I think that whatever the dietitian tells me to do, I will try to do it for at least a couple weeks and see how it goes.

I’ve been looking for a website that will let me EASILY log both my BG readings and my food. I am a little interested in more than just carbs (I think I’d like to see calories and fat too). I am seriously considering ordering the OneTouch cable and software, because I think it lets you manage your food too (at least to a point). But I want something where I can look up the food in the interface instead of having to memorize carb values. I looked at SugarStats and I really wanted to like it, but its current interface for logging food is terrible. I paid the monthly subscription so I Feel like I’m entitled to say that. :slight_smile: I appreciate what they are trying to do, I just hope they are able to bring the project further along soon. Online interfaces are ideal for me, because I’m on the computer almost constantly for my job. I’m also typically on the computer a lot at home (even though my hard drive in my laptop died and I am waiting on the replacement right now).

Misty I can sympathize with you because I love cards too! Bread espically, and rolls, and sweet rolls. need I go on? I better stop now before I give me cravings. I know it is hard to cut out carbs, esp for us carb lovers, and changing a diet is hard to begin with since we have years of eating that way to now change everything we knew about how to eat, very difficult for me. I have been told that the more you stay away from carbs the less you crave them, not that I have noticed much of this for me, but I have been able to cut them down alot. Don’t give up and I hope you find something that helps. as for a food record I just use a notbook and write it in next to my bg and my insulin amounts eveery meal and snack.

I love carbs too. I have found that eating protein snacks when you are wanting carbs helps. I grab a bag of peanuts and that helps without giving my blood sugar a spike. I also stopped having caff. Its amazing how much it raises your blood sugar. protein snacks like peanuts, low carb yogert (if there is a kroger store where you live they have a yogert called carb-master and it only has 3 grams of carbs and tastes great.) or something like sun chips instead of reg. potato chips will help keep sugars at bay. Plus sun chips are made with whole wheat so you are getting some of that and it is good.

Don’t try to cut out carbs totally at once. Have a goal for so many carbs a week and when you meet that goal, then the next week go down lower on the carbs until it has become a habit not to eat as many carbs. High protein snacks are also good to cut down on the carb cravings.

Wow you guys might give me hope after all!