How many carbs were in your last snack/meal?

For me it was 97g (too much?)

I like to eat cereal too much, so I tend to have it more than once a day…usually in big amounts.

lunch = pb&j sandwich (sugar free jelly)
fresh blueberries
1 non-fat light vanilla yogurt

60 carbs…my biggest meal of the day.

breakfast is 30 carbs and dinner 30-45 carbs

They need to stop making it taste so good

My ratio is about 15g to 1 unit. Danny how did you get that 15.3245, it made me laugh anyway, I can just picture you figuring it all out, lol. I need to be careful with the bread I eat cause they can vary so much, fruit doesn’t seem to do much to my blds at all.

I can easily eat that many carbs at dinner. I don’t think it’s too much as long as you can control them I say eat them!! :slight_smile: man how I love pb&j also! I also eat a lot of cereal too. In fact I have it down to a tee how much insulin to take for all my favorites and the two different bowl sizes we have!! That’s when you know you eat a lot of something!!

My last meal, Burritos & Tortilla chips, was 72.

I have a bowl of cereal every night before bed, to fend of my horrible night time lows. Although the worst two offenders for me are frosted mini wheats (i know it says stay away in the name), and grapes. I could eat five to ten grapes and soar to 300’s in a half hour.

65g of carb with taking 5 units of Humalog (I usually would take 5.25u but I was a little low at dinner, 75 bg). Dinner is usually my biggest meal of the day but I rarely ever go over this amount of carbs. I can go lower carb by dropping the dessert off the menu but I do like my sweets, hahaha! Here is what I had:

steamed fish with tomato basil sauce
brown rice
Weight Watchers chocolate mousse (from the freezer section of the grocery store)

you should try to aim for under 40 grams per meal

I don’t think that needs to apply to everyone. I average 60-70 for breakfast and dinner with snacks around 20-30. If I only ate 40 carbs at every meal I would starve. I would look starved too because I’m already thin. Everyone is different, there is no set amount everyone should strive for. If eating 250 carbs a day works for an individual and there is tight control then go for it!


that’s true, i’m just going by what my nutritionist told me to aim for, which probably isn’t very valid haha. Once and a while i’ll have a higher carb meal, but for the most part i’ve found 6 small meals a day under 40 grams opposed to 3 large ones have really helped to keep my blood sugars in line and keep the energy boost.

My mom used to eat like that as well(she was diabetic 35yrs) worked for her!!

Yeah that seems to work for me too.

I tried a wopping 75 grams of severely undercooked penne which is a tube like pasta and matched them reasonnably well with 10 units of insulin. With the equivalnet carbs of 5 slices of bread my BG would go out of control for a day. so it appears that glycemic index counts.

well i guess when you say 40 carbs for 6 meals that does end up to be around 240 carbs a day. at the most that’s how many i eat in a day, just in less meals.

It does depend for each person. If I weren’t so sensitive to humalog and had to take larger doses, I would eat lower carb all the time. I usually average about 150-175g of carbs a day and my doc says it is OK since I don’t have bad post meal spikes and my a1c is good.