first of all can’t spell. carbs??? my carb intake is almost nill most days breakfast is eggs , bacon, small potatoe & coffie lunch is sasage and carrets or outher veg , supper is meat veg apple or peach snaks apple carrets coliflower or cabage morning read is around 55-60 bedtime at 11 or 12 readings 220-240 insolin shot at bed meds and exercise during the day what am i doing rong???

Veggies and fruits have carbs in them. I’m struggling with my GLs as well.

Your mornings are quite low, which may help keep your blood glucose levels from peaking too high after breakfast. Your bedtime reading is high, which appears to mean that you are not producing enough insulin to cover your evening meal.

It may be time to add meal-time insulin to cover the food that you eat. For many people with type 2, the supply of self-made insulin dwindles and you don’t produce enough to cover meals.

While some people advocate trying to eliminate all sources of carbs, that’s just not realisitic or healthy for many. Plus things we get from carbs, such as fiber and vitamins, help keep us healthy overall. Eating too much saturated fat, which studies have shown often happens when people drastically cut carbs, can actually make a person more resistant to insulin (plus it’s hard on the blood vessels).

Take your records to your health care provider and talk about 1) timing and size of your bedtime insulin shot, 2) whether you should test 2 hours after your biggest meal of the day to see if you produce enough insulin to cover what you eat, and if not, whether you should consider meal-time insulin or other meds, 3) whether you should exercise before or after meals (after seems to have more effect on lowering blood glucose. Best wishes!