Carpal Tunnel Surgery and Blood Sugars

I had carpal tunnel surgery on the left wrist/hand on August 25th. On that day my blood sugars were alittle high like 157 before the surgery. I was glad because since I couldn’t eat and my surgery wasn’t until 10:15am. The rest of the day it was between 150 to 175. I thought that was good range since I had surgery that day. I didn’t take any meds that they gave me a script for. I just took 3 Ibuprofen very 4 to 6 hours and had ice on my hand/wrist with a big pillow to lay hand/wrist on. I had a big bruise and now I can feel my hands again without the hurting. Now I have to have the right hand/wrist done on September 18th. I’m right handed. This will be a challenge.