Carrying snacks while exercising

hi all, just wondering what other people do about carrying snacks while exercising. When i go running/walking/riding i try and put all my food in my pockets but most of my shorts are pocketless and when i put my food in my pockets they drag down and get annoying, so usually i put a small pack of jellybeans in my waist band along with my phone, but it gets uncomfortable and awkward, sometimes i put the jelly bean pack in my bra, either way i get sweaty and it starts to get uncomfortable, any suggestions on sites and different more portable sugary suggestions. Thankyou Adele

i sometimes carried around a small fanny pack, but it can get annoying…
what do you all carry around? i find sometimes people carry around way too much (in my opinion) so slimming down to the few necessary things can help as well.

Hi Adele,

If I'm going for a walk/hike I have glucose tabs/candy in fanny pack. If I'm close to home gardening I just go inside if I need to. I often have a small snack before exercise if it will be extended. I would suggest the fanny pack instead of your waist band because it's larger and more comfortable and secure. Or maybe a lightweight small backpack or cargo shorts/capris with larger pockets?

Or how about a lightweight cover up/sweater that has deep pockets?

yeah, i just carry a pack of jellybeans and my phone, i used to carry some biscuits as well but it was too uncomfortable.

yeah, next time i go shopping I'm going to try and find like a lightweight jacket, i know some people wear a camelback but thats not really my thing.

Spibelt, or tummietote fro tallygear

I carry around little sweet tart packages. I pick them up every year right after valentines day when they are heavily discounted. You can get a bag of 44 little packages for 50 cents or a dollar and each package contains like 8 mini sweet tarts for 13-15g of carbs. Sweet tarts are dextrose, the same as the expensive tabs and are dry and in a moisture resistant package so you can carry them around without worry of them melting like jelly beans.

I have an Amphipod belt that has modular little pockets and then clips for water, etc. bottles.:

Then I use little bags of Smarties and jelly beans mixed up, for emergencies, a bag is about 35G of carbs so a couple will go a long way:

I noticed too that the is functioning again. Jerry Nairn had recommended these in the "Diabetics who Run Marathons" group (he's run, I dunno, 50+ marathons, is in the Sherri Colberg book, really great guy too!) and they have 7 pockets, 2x little velcro ones in front, that will hold keys, smartie beans, Gu, etc. and 5 mesh in back, including one that is big enough to hold a OneTouch Ultra Mini for 26.2+ miles (use BodyGlide under it though!). Race Ready was offline for a while but are back. $40 for shorts is pricey but well worth it for lugging gear!!!

I use a dual pocket spibetl. Fits my phone, glucose meter, fruit leather or granola bar, glucose tablets, and inhaler.

Like Acidrock, I have small baggies of skittles with me everywhere I go. In my purse, makeup bag, car, and pockets of my sweatshirts for working out. I count out enough skittles for 35g CHO so I know that I'm not over correcting. If I'm walking/running for a long period of time, I will drink a serving of Gatorade before my workout as a buffer.

Hope this helps


Years ago when I was cycling I would add sugary additives to my water and this would sustain my BG...on the century rides I would also consume some protein around 2-3 hours into the ride. Note: I would also reduce my basal by about 75% on the shorter rides and only about 25% on the longer rides when I ate food. I would tape a row of gel packs on my bikes cross bar, this is all common among cyclist...even none PWD's

Ditto on the SPIBelt, either single or dual. The diabetic version is fantastic for a pump, too. Actually, I've been urging them to make a logo-less dual version for diabetics, so you could have your pump in one pocket and your CGM, or meter, in the other. They're apparently overhauling the line, but no word on how quickly that'll happen.

the personal item belts look so cool, i think I'm going to invest in one, thank you 2hobbit for the links

You won't regret it! The coupon code Tandem14 just expired, but maybe email them and ask if they have any current diabetic promotions? Their customer service is excellent.

thankyou for the helpful tips niccolo

i put a tube of glucose tabs between the girls in a sports bra. i recently discovered that my little bottles that the test strips come in fit glucose tabs perfectly but only hold about 5, so theyre half the size of the original package. im doing that now.

That sounds like it would be very helpful, unfortunately in Australia our test strips come individually packaged not in bottles

I know it's not the coolest sports wear, but for this I will use a fanny pack. It has an epipen, because I am allergic to bee stings, a pencil meter, a place for one or two strips and lancets, snacks of life savers, and a juice pack.....can't stomach the glucose tabs they make me ill, my phone and my emergency contacts. I tried a back pack, but that was way to heavy. I don't run ---- bad joints, so the fanny pack is the best for me

What? i have never heard about that! how do they come individually packaged? do you have a picture?
sorry, lol, but this sounds very strange to me ;)