Carrying spares without looking like Santa Clause

I cycle and used to have a small handbag (purse) before I started on pump treatment. I can't fit all the spares in there now! What do you all use to transport your stuff day to day? I also need to fit in a comb, lipstick, phone, money etc.

I'm a total slacker about spares although I work about 15 minutes from home. I had a couple of issues with sets pulling out and one pump failure last summer, but was only about 20 minutes from home on both occasions. For larger events, I sometimes will leave the old set in when I do the pre-event changeout and just run with two, as the pullouts are often "tugouts" they don't seem too likely. This summer I tossed a spare set in the glove compartment of my car and that's about it.

If your Cycling, you could get a small messenger bag.

Thanks for the link, The message bags look great for the cycling.

I have a great messenger bag but for big rides, I have a pouch mounted on the back of my seat that will hold quite a bit of stuff, meter, strips, jellybeans, sandwiches, etc.

When cycling, I use a messenger bag or backpack. During my daily commute (which involves metro), I rely on a decent-sized tote bag. Because my commute is somewhat long and unreliable, I always make sure to have a few infusion sets, plenty of test strips, anything else I need to do a site change, and a fair number of snacks.

Timbuk2 makes some really cool messenger and tote bags that look nice and do a great job of storing stuff.