Case for the T Slim?

Well after much thought I have made the change from a Animas Ping to the T Slim. So far I am nothing but pleased and impressed. The only drawback I see is the long set up time when you change a cartridge but it is easily out weoghed by the ease of use and the display. I am considereing talking to a case company about making a custom leather case for the pump with a flap cover and magnetic latch. Is there any interest in making this a group buy?

Sorry, you may want to reconsider the magnetic catch. It could affect pump motor function.

I agree with Dan. Magnetic latch and pump could end in disaster. My latch on my leather case is velcro. I have used it through Animas 2020 and Animas Ping and it still works great. I dont use it everyday. i switch it up. Hope this helps :)