Cases and Belts for G4

Hello Everyone,

I just started using the G4, and I'm wondering since the vibrate is so soft I may miss it what belts etc. are available as well as cases to keep this close to my body so I will notice it?

So far I have found a case and a belt at Tallygear which look nice, are there any others to consider?

Has anyone used the Tallygear belt and how do you like it?

Thanks :-)

i have used the Spibelt with the 2 pouches and liked it but am currently liking the tallygear tummietote 2. I have the one with a single clear window so I can see the G4 screen. The other pockets come in handy for my tslim, gu gel shots/rapid carbs, my car key, drivers licence and credit card cash, change etc. it means I can get most of my need to have handy. I keep my meter aetc in my work locker so have access to it if needed. Have been able to put pump, strips and poker in it if needed.

Thanks Hobbit,

I wasn't sure if the tummie tote vs the other one is good for me but I think it would be good to put more things in maybe when I don't want to carry my larger purse. I was planning on one clear window for that too. My meter is so small I'm sure I can fit that in there along with my phone etc. I just wonder how tight they are? I plan to wear it over pants/skirts lower down on the hips and I hate tight things on my body overall.

I’ll check out the spibelt too.