Cases for Flex Pins. Cases for everything, meters, strips, logbook, lancets

Hey ya’ll —
Does anyone know about a carrying cases for Levemir flex pens? Free would be nice, but I’m more interested in protecting it. Or can you make a suggestion - I dont just want to drop it into my bottomless black hole of a purse. :slight_smile:

Seems like they’d build carrying cases that would hold your meter, test stripes, lancets and lancet device, insulin, alcohol wipes, extra needles and a logbook. Anyone have any ideas, they would be gratefully appreciated!

Has anyone noted that the new logbook have become very bulky. I mean, I like the fact we can put in meds [if you write like an dwarf elf.] There are more pages, which is good. And blocks for comments, like meals, exercise, or carbs per day. I so liked the old Contour Meter Bayer book…guess it’s just habit, but I’m bummed their not making them anymore.

Thx for any info - Kat

Here is what I use, go to Walmart, Target or KMart in the school supply, makeup or pharmacy section they a small metal box about 12"x8"x3" with little straps in it works great can be a little bulky everyone knows I carry it and what for at home and work so if there is a problem I have ( ICE ) there as well.

( ICE )
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There are many options depending on just how much you want to carry and whether you want to carry it altogether or in 1, 2 or 3 separate packages. For example, I use my glucometer more than anything else so I carry it (and all associated supplies) in one unit. And the insulin (and associated supplies) in another package. (I use a tri-fold pen wallet which originally came with my Novopen’s. It is surprising Levemir doesn’t have something similar.) Phill’s solution is as good as any although you will find lots of ads for specially designed packages in the various DM magazines and on the websites. Something for every possible strategy. re: log and chart books - given the ubiquity of semi-smart, smartphones and tablet computers and the extra functionality gained using such log/charting tools scribbling on a note sheet seems kinda old school. But again, there are dozens of different log booklets out there. There are so many options for all of this that I think it comes more to what works best for you. Define your strategy then find a solution that fits that strategy. Over the years I’ve worked through a number of different sets of package solutions. What seemed like a great solution once evolves over time.

PS - I’ve posted this suggestion to other threads but I think it worth posting again. In every city there are one or two or three or more drug stores that specialize in diabetes supplies and support. These are typically independent drug stores - not your usual Costco, Walgreens, CVS store. These independent stores often carry a broader set of DM related inventory such as the supplies you are looking for and seem more willing to give time and personal support to help us find an accessory strategy that works for us. Because they are smaller independent stores they tend not to be quite so cost competitive as the big box stores but they offer choices and services you can’t find elsewhere. I try to support them as much as I can whenever I have that choice because they are a unique resource. If you look and ask around I’m sure you will find such a store and may find them a valuable resource.

This is true there is one 50 miles from me. The internet is a good option as well.

I get a catalogue in the mail from Magellan’s Travel Supplies and their website is at The phone number listed on the book is 1-800-962-4943 and I believe they are located in California (but I’m receiving catalogues in Ontario Canada).
They sell all kinds of really cool travel gear including an Insulin Cooling and Insulating Case for travelling with temperature-sensitive medicines. It’s two pouches with the inner one cooled first (soaked in cold water and then dried off) and it’s supposed to stay cool for more than 2 days, after which it can be resoaked in cold water to reactivate. The carrying pouch holds 2 vials with syringes or 2 insulin pens and sells for 29.85 USd (item number KF107). Then there is a larger sized Duo Insulin Cooling Case that holds 6 vials with syringes or 4 insulin pens and it sells for 34.85 USd (Item # KF110). They come in red, blue or black and weigh about an ounce and 2 ounces respectively. The smaller one measures 7 1/4 x 3 3/4 x 1/4" and the larger is 8 1/4 x 6 1/4 x 1/4"

There’s lots of other cool travel stuff in this catalogue to make travelling in today’s paranoid world a little less arduous. Besides having a portable compression leg massager and the seamless compression stockings, that is. There are carry on bags with slots for boarding passes and places specifically designed to hold liquids and items the officials will want to see. I’ve never seen half of these gizmo’s before, so it really struck me that there is a market out there for such supplies.
If you can afford to spend a bit of cash on some cool packing and wearing ideas, maybe check out their website.

Having said all that, my endo found me a travel case to carry my Lantus pens in which holds all sorts of diabetes goodies. It’s free from the manufacturers of FreeStyle Lite, or at least a promotional item from the pharmaceutical sales rep. When I first got my Lantus pens, I went to their website and signed up for a intro package of goodies from their manufacturers. It was to be mailed to me so I gave them a cousin’s address in Ohio (as they didn’t mail stuff to Canada). That was last August and I’m still waiting for the delivery. I’m guessing maybe they don’t honour their little guarantees in some cases. The FreeStyle kit holds at least 2 or 3 pens and needles and has a zippered pouch for needles and other supplies. It is lined with insulating material on the inside.

Hope this helps.

I have used these cases and did not like them, even though it is a good size. I have had good luck with a site callec “The Insulin Case Shop”. I tis located in Minnesota, but they ship all over. They have many different kinds of travel kits. The company was started by a young guy who has a lot of diabetics in his family. He has many other medical items as well. Look at his site. I think you will find what you are looking for.

Hi, I use the flex pen and love it. When I couldn’t find a carrying case that didn’t make me depressed every time I used it, I created & designed my own carrying cases called “dittibags” and they are made of vibrant colors and fabrics. The dittibag designed for my insulin pen & levimir pen is called the “skinny case” It actually holds two pens and pen needles securely, and I am no longer embarassed to use them when I’m out in public. There is also a case specifically for meters and two others that will hold all your supplies.You can see and order the cases at The dittibags are often referred to as the "designer cases for diabetic supplies.) let me know if you have any questions.


i bought a case

1130DUOBL FRIO Duo Pen Insulin Cooler Wallet Blue