Cataracts and fishing

Cataract surgery is planned for 2 days after Christmas. They will start with my right eye and then two weeks later do my left eye. Of course, my surgery is unique and more difficult than a so called normal cataract. The type of cataract I have makes it a tricky situation. The Doctor told me that he does my type of cataract about once a year. He did not seem too worried. I do trust him!!

I live in the north woods of Wisconsin and enjoy fishing very much. If you have ever been here you know about all of the great fishing lakes that we have. I would say that within a 25 mile radius of my house, there are over 20 different fishing holes. One of the things that have disappointed me the most over the past few years is my eye sight. I am unable to see the fishing bobber floating in the water when I am out in the boat. I have to depend on the people I am fishing with to tell me when my bobber is under the water. This does not make for a very fun fishing time.

I am so praying for success!!! I can’t wait to spend time fishing with my family!!!!