Catch up if your interested?

Okay, so I come on this site everyday and have a little check around. Read all your blogs and ponder at your solutions to problems and queries about life. Then I realised I haven’t really caught up with any of you in soo long, been slacking slightly. So if your interested here’s a few things that have been going on in my little life…

  • I started my job, finalley. It’s only sundays plus overtime if theres any going. The way I see it though is it’s all money in my back pocket.
  • I got accepted for college, so hopefully I’ll be able to get my GCSE’s, and put the whole dropping out of school regret behind me. After all, there were more important things going on, like my health to worry about. I’m getting my arse in gear at least.
  • My A1c came down from 6% to 5.6% which I’m really happy about because I’ve managed to get those spikes under control.
  • I’m getting back to my fitness after having a long period with the flu and sickness. Goddd it takes me time to recover from illness these days, I have to say it seriously frustrates me.
  • I may have a thyroid problem, waiting for the results. Hopefully that’ll explain the tierdness, consistantly feeling hungry (although I haven’t put on or lost weight) and just feeling down in general.
  • Just to put a downer on all the things I think I’ve achieved this year - finalley getting my life straight after 2 years of depression and pure heartbreak from the utter up turn of my life - theres still so much on my mind…

When I say theres so much on my mind, it’s nothing to do with my body or my state of mind. Just the fact that there never seems to be any let up in my family. This big turmoil they call life gets easier on the surface, while slowly bubbling and brewing away, waiting for you to dive into that relm of peace you think you’ve finalley found. It rears its ugly head in any form it can find… The great wonders of the existance they call life I guess.

Well here I am watching Barcelona vs Tottenham, tired and just with to much on my mind to contemplate sleeping. Another thing while I’m getting things off my chest. As much as I love the summer, don’t you just hate it when its time for bed but its still light outside, not bright bright but still light. It makes me want to have a shower and go out…

I still need to decide what to wear tomorrow, the weathers been the most unpredictable ever. One minute warm and sunny, the next peeing it down with rain at the rate of I’m not sure to be honest. Fast though, and heavy! Any of you up to much fun this weekend…?

Anyway, I’m not entierly sure if that was all that interesting but its the most I can muster up at this moment in time. I hope all my fellow D’s have a wonderful weekend whatever your all doing =) Love to you alll <3x

enjoyed reading what you have to say and hope you are doing well!!!

Hi Becca,
I want to say Hi and welcome to TU. Don’t let this “D” thing get you down. You need to keep positive thoughts and don’t make yourself crazy. You can read all you want from web sites and other people and get overloaded. If you know what I mean. Just like you say Baby Steps… Just keep smiling and you have the support of all of us here. If you ever want to vent (talk) I amnd We are hear to listen to Ya. Have a great weekend what ever you do and always surround you with good friends
Take Care,

Oh By the way I forgot Cute Pics of you… I have Twin Identical girls that are 16. What a blast life is…