Caution about pump case

My daughter uses a Cosmo pump and her original case was worn out. I looked for a replacement case and it was $30.00 or more for a fake leather case so we tried a cellphone case, it was great and only cost $10.00. She started to get failure codes when the pump was delivering insulin but a battery change fixed it and we thought it must be old battery s but it kept happening. I called Cosmo support and they told me that this code 100 is usually a magnetic issue and asked if we had gotten a new pump case with a magnet catch, That was it, so if you get a cell phone case for your pump get one with velcro closure, not a magnet. This may or may not be a problem with other brands of pumps, just something to keep in mind. Tim

I have not used any case with a magnet because I’ve heard this before. The case I’m curently using and have been for awhile is a Spibelt. I know there are lots of diabetics who use them and I really like it!! I they are like 20 dollars and come in lots of colors and some nice kid colors and patterns. I totally recomend that you check them out on their website cause its a great case and cheaper then lot of cases out there!!

Did they also tell you that if you wear a cell phone close to the pump it could cause problems? I also have a cozmo pump. I was wearing my cell phone too close to the pump and it would wipe out the memory of that day. I no longer wear my cell phone on my waist.

I like the fifty fifty pharmacy form my cases.