Cautiously venturing into new territory—the abdomen!

Since getting his pump 3 years ago, Eric's sites have always been on his butt. It was the only spot where he had sufficient fatty tissue at the time, and really, ever since. He's a skinny little dude, a real string bean. But at our last visit, Dr. O recommended we start branching out. His bum is so full of scar tissue at this point, it makes sense. To me, anyway, if not to Eric. He has steadfastly refused to allow me to put his sites anywhere but the old gluteus maximus.

Until last night!

AFter his bath, I decided to replace his site & sensor because he'd had high BGs all day. REALLY high. Like, >300 for the past 6 hours no matter what I did, kind of high. No ketones, though. But, given the opportunity to switch out the site relatively painlessly, it made sense. And, as I often do, I asked Eric if it would be OK to put it on his tummy today. Usually he says no. Last night, being in a giggly mood (or, perhaps, an UNUSUALLY giggly mood, because he's always pretty sunny), he said "Yes! Put it RIGHT HERE!" pointing to his belly button. So I put the lidocaine cream next to his navel, after taking care to remind him that if I did, there would be no changing his mind an hour hence.

When the time came, he balked. Wanted me to put it in his bum as usual. I explained as patiently as possible that that wasn't do-able. When I tried to put the site in, he reflexively put his hands in the way. I tried various means of persuasion, but the only thing that worked was to call upon the magic of Big Brother: his older brother Nate came over and held his hands to reassure him (and keep 'em out of the way for me). He fussed, he whined, and then when he realized I'd already put the thing in and hooked it up, he said with this tone of amazement, "Hey, that didn't hurt!"

Getting Eric to try anything new at all is a major challenge, so I'm really looking at this as a milestone.

that's wonderful! I know it's hard to try a new place, it's very important to practice good rotation. I use the lidocaine cream too when I'm placing my infusion set in a "sensitive" site.

although i am a grown woman, i still have to deal with where to put my site. i am very thin and have relatively no body fat. ironically, the one place i felt no pain at all, was in my tummy; probably the thinest part of my body. my doctor kept begging me to use different sights; pleading with me to rotate. i tried my hip first, but i had terrible trouble twisting my body around to put in the canula, as well as disconnecting and re-connecting my pump. but on this sight, it was something that a lot of other Ds were doing: their tushy. i thought it would never work, b/c i had to sit down there on top of the site, and how on earth would i be able to pull my pants up or down. WELL: i tried it,it is completely comfortable and have only snagged a few canulas out while dressing. but it doesnt hurt one bit. wow!!!! AND to top it off, my BSs have come down (No More Scar Tissue!!)

I use syringes rather than the pump, same thing in the needle department suppose. It took my years to inject into my stomach, I've always felt kinda vulnerable there. Now it's my favourite place, but it took me a long time. I wish children didn't have to go through this.

Well, he wouldn't let me put it on his stomach again for the next site, so it's back to square one, trying to convince him...