CDC removes mask guidance for fully vaccinated

Let’s point out the vaccines that were used if you’re going to use Seychelles as an example. Not doing so discredits your statement.

“Seychelles, which relied heavily on a Sinopharm vaccine to inoculate more than 60 percent of its population. The tiny island nation in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar and with a population of just over 100,000, is battling a surge of the virus and has had to reimpose a lockdown.

Among the vaccinated population that has had two doses, 57 percent was given Sinopharm, while 43 percent was given AstraZeneca. Thirty-seven percent of new active cases are people who are fully vaccinated, according to the health ministry, which did not say how many people among them had the Sinopharm shot.

But the experience in Seychelles stands in stark contrast to Israel, which has the second-highest vaccination coverage in the world and has managed to beat back the virus. A study has shown that the Pfizer vaccine that Israel used is 94 percent effective at preventing transmission. On Wednesday, the number of daily new confirmed Covid-19 cases per million people in Seychelles stood at 2,613.38, compared with 5.55 in Israel, according to the World in Data project.”

I would expect not only that it might be the vaccine being given, but also the variant causing an issue with still getting it. I have heard in several areas that they are having a surge in vaccinated people getting Covid but almost all still have been asymptomatic.

But data has been all over the place about how strong a vaccine is against certain strains. The Yankees come to mind as 8 staffers and players have tested positive and 7 are asymptomatic and it sounds like all the staff and team had been vaccinated. They are not sure if one caught it and passed it amongst themselves or if they all got it from one person.

While the CDC has stated you can shed your mask if vaccinated (I honestly think it’s a carrot for the unvaccinated, which won’t work as everyone sheds their mask anyways) on their site they still recommend.

COVID-19 vaccines are an essential tool to protect people against COVID-19 illness, including against new variants

COVID-19 vaccines help protect people who are vaccinated from getting COVID-19 or getting severely ill from COVID-19, including reducing the risk of hospitalization and death. CDC recommends you get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as one is available to you. However, because people can still get sick and possibly spread COVID-19 to others after being fully vaccinated, CDC recommends people continue to take everyday actions to protect themselves and others, like wearing a mask, maintaining an appropriate distance from others, avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces, and washing hands often.

Updated April 21st, 2021

MN is still the fourth highest covid count by state. I wish they would break up the reporting details into “vaccinated covid case” versus “unvaccinated covid case.”

Mask wearing is up to the establishment, so lots of people here are still wearing them. They are required in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. We are at 60% vaccinated. I imagine they figure 10% of the pop has already had it, bringing us to near 70%. The Gov warns that if cases count increases, he will reinstate the mandate. I think that we are running a bit of an experiment, but not a crazy one - except for throwing kids under the bus - that’s kinda mean. People with very young children need to be very careful now. Nurses unions are mad about lifting the mandate.

I’m neutral on the lifting of the mask mandate.
But I think this thing is gonna cycle all over India and Iran and Russia until we have exciting new strains and those will kick our asses. I wish we were sending all our vaccine to India.


Offering another perspective on the Yankees situation:

“ As the percent of vaccinated people go up, of course these “breakthrough” cases will increase, simply because we have an ever-increasing group to draw from. We need to stop reporting on every breakthrough case or even cluster as if it were newsworthy news, unless it is to celebrate how rare and inconsequential these incidents are…

the takeaway from this incident is that people were exposed to COVID-19 and we found a few cases where it replicated just enough to be picked up by our tests in a population we test a lot. Even then, the virus couldn’t replicate enough to cause any symptoms in all but one person, and even there it was brief and transient., That outcome is exactly what we hope for from these amazing vaccines. “

I realize @katers87 That there always has been an expected amount of breakthrough cases and the quantity of people getting Covid that have been vaccinated will just automatically go up.

But what is a the more significant curiosity about the Yankees case is the amount in one cluster of people getting sick at the same time that were vaccinated. Still 7 of the 8 were asymptomatic so that’s good. I gather testing for what strain it is takes some time, so hopefully we get more information on it. But it means someone had a more virulent strain, or a really high virus load (some seem to be super spreaders) or they caught it from each other which probably means a slightly different strain too for that many to get it. It is a curiosity and to me a warning that we still do not have it under “control” just starting to possibly control it. It is being closely studied as the CDC is trying to collect information now on breakthrough events and reinfection events. Not a lot is really known yet

But it’s also why I will still wear a mask until at least more people have a chance to get their vaccination, are waiting for their second shot and then immunity. It barely opened up to all people being able to even get a shot. And then the kids that are barely starting to get shots and the rest of the kids that will hopefully soon. I’m not ready to throw all those people under the bus yet and I personally think taking off your mask is too soon. I really think they wanted to dangle a carrot out to people to get vaccinated without realizing that it really won’t work because once some take off their mask all will take it off whether vaccinated or not and it won’t be any kind of carrot at all.


The Yankees were tested 3x per day. They may have fought off an infection within hours of being exposed with the test just occurring at the wrong time. I’m not curious about this at all, and I think it’s been blown way out of proportion.

I’m not even the least bit concerned about spreading the virus to people around me. The science is incredibly (!) clear at this point for the Pfizer vaccine. I’m not about to go into a large crowd or anything. Everyone I’m in close contact with has been vaccinated anyway.

The law just changed here, no one who is vaccinated needs to wear a mask.

People vaccinated with the mRNA vaccines aren’t the people who are spreading the virus. There are multiple studies that have shown the low probability of this occurring. Whether I take off my mask or leave it on will make no difference in the case counts.

I disagree with this.

“ COVID-19 vaccines are effective

  • Vaccine breakthrough cases occur in only a small percentage of vaccinated people. To date, no unexpected patterns have been identified in the case demographics or vaccine characteristics among people with reported vaccine breakthrough infections.
  • COVID-19 vaccines are effective. CDC recommends that everyone 12 years of age and older get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as they can.
  • Based on what we know about COVID-19 vaccines, people who have been fully vaccinated can start to do some things they had stopped doing because of the pandemic.”

Seems that plenty of people are hesitant to shed their masks though

I think I’m gonna start making pushes to get people (and myself) out and about in some limited contact activities. It’s really kinda demanding a behavioral change that I didn’t appreciate. Its taking some real effort to get people out…except for the unvaccinated who have been going out regularly through the whole thing. They will go out and do things, no problem. But everybody else (including me) has their feet in the mud.

I don’t get my second shot until September. I don’t want to hear any talk about throwing away one’s mask.

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I’m curious, why such a long wait for your second dose? Which vaccine have you taken?

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A point or two I want to make about ditching my mask. Since I am vaccinated I am told that I am little to no threat of spreading the virus, I do not feel I pose a reasonable threat to the unvaccinated nor do I fear the unvaccinated. We are told by health experts that even if we get a breakthrough infection it is likely to be survivable. Not being infected is preferable, surviving is acceptable.

This may sound cruel but it really isn’t, I like the idea that my lack of a mask is making the unvaccinated uncomfortable. Forgive me if you are unable to take a vaccine, I do not know the answer for you, but for the general population I hope it will make you consider vaccinating yourself.


Gary, keep in mind that many tudiabetes members are outside the US and may have much longer queues to get vaccinated. With second shots being delayed to September I might guess she would be in one of the Canadian provinces.


You are right Tim, I do not mean to imply anything outside of the US. The entire thread is about CDC actions in the US.

You are also correct that @Frantastic is Canadian, something I already knew, she has mention it in the past, for that reason my last post was not aimed at her, reading now I can see how it might have looked that way.

When I am concerned that those around me may be contagious, I wear a mask, even though I am now fully vaccinated. The mask may or may not protect me as much as I would hope, but I feel as if I am being pro-active/pro-tective, rather than not.

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Oregon has gone along with the CDC recommendations in a limited way but has added a conservative twist to things. In an email yesterday they said that vaccinated persons will be allowed to go without a mask in any venue that verifies the vaccination status of its visitors.

I think the policymakers did not want to promote an honor system that would realistically lead to both unvaccinated and vaccinated people not wearing a mask. I think it will be the rare venue that will monitor vaccination status of their visitors/customers as that sounds like an unproductive and contentious occupation.

I would enjoy more liberal access to going without a mask but I don’t mind using my mask, for instance, at the grocery store or streetcar. I don’t wear a mask now when walking outside in uncrowded situations.

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I thought kids under 12 would be done by the end of summer, it sounds like it might later? I’m hearing end of the year? That’s sad if that’s true. I hope it’s sooner, some of the variants really seem to be hitting kids more. Brazil has had over 1300 kids deaths, most of them fairly recently. New variant mutation. I realize they don’t have the medical care we do, but it’s a definite trend towards more kids getting sick.

They also are now suspicious that a significant amount of the immune compromised might not build an appropriate immune response after vaccination. 10,000,000 people in the US are in that group. They are launching a study on it, but released some research on organ transplant patients. I just don’t understand why they couldn’t have waited to get rid of masks.

As I said I think once a few shed their masks,a whole bunch of unvaccinated people will because why not? I was reading an article about someone not getting on an elevator with people not wearing masks because she stated how could she trust strangers within a few seconds of seeing them to be honest? She is on immune suppressing drugs and had been vaccinated but has no idea if she is actually immune.

And gee the powers that be are still requiring masks for the government house of representative members or you pay a fine. Vaccinated or not.

The messaging could’ve gone a lot better. I feel a bit of whiplash from how quickly they went from “it’s okay to not wear a mask outside alone when vaccinated” to “your protection is so good, you don’t need to wear a mask at all.”

I think part of it was incentivizing people to get vaccines - which will make a bigger difference in the long run than another 1-2 months of masks - but I think mostly the messaging changed because more data came out. The science is pretty clear now on vaccines. If the CDC tells people they need to keep wearing masks when they’re vaccinated, then they’re not following the science.

I agree there are concerns about the kids. I wish the CDC had addressed this.

I do not think it is realistic to require people who are vaccinated to wear masks for another 6-9 months simply because other people don’t want to get vaccinated- especially since the vaccinated don’t pose a risk to others.

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We are at the coast now in the little town we live in part of the year. The town has been very crowded on weekends all during the pandemic. So far, the town is still requiring masks and the store owners certainly are. Before the mask requirements were set in place, we had many tourists going maskless.

We have yet to go downtown and are still having our groceries delivered. We are going maskless when walking.

It is frustrating that people wouldn’t wear masks during the height of the pandemic.

True but most places will not require a proof. Hence all unvaccinated folk will go without a mask. Heck, mask doesn’t protect anyway. Remember when Fauci said so? He of course flipped under pressure but he was right back then.


I believe I have a right to refuse vaccination which is exactly what I am doing. What consequences? I think I had a mild form of virus, it lasted a couple of days, and now I have natural antibodies, hence don’t need vaccine. #novaccineforme

That will be the case and I’m OK with it. I have chosen to vaccinate, getting vaccinated really calmed my fears.

Masks are to protect the unvaccinated. Almost everyone has access to a vaccine. Its my opinion that we should ditch all mask in the near future and let the no vaxers live with the consequences of their decision.

It is a great thing that we have that right. The decision to vaccinate is a personal one, the right decision for me is not the right decision for everyone.

If your decision not to vaccinate is based solely on your belief that you may have had covid you should at least confirm that you have had it. I believe there are test that can identify covid antibodies in your blood. Personally I would need that for my piece of mind.