Celebrating Mother’s day with your type 2 mom

WRITTEN BY: T’ara Smith, MS, Nutrition Education

We love our moms – especially the ones who are impacted by Type 2 diabetes, whether it’s because they live every day with it or are caregivers for someone else who does. Let’s be real: our Type 2 mothers are diabadasses in their own right because they:

  • Make sure we’re checking our blood sugar, taking our medication, and going to doctor’s appointments
  • Keep us from eating and drinking things we know we shouldn’t
  • Hug us and give us a shoulder to cry on when we’re feeling down about our diabetes management
  • Take care of us when our blood sugar is too high or too low

For our mothers with Type 2 diabetes, we love and appreciate them because they:

  • Remain dedicated to their diabetes management daily
  • Maintain their doctor’s appointments and always go armed with questions
  • Aren’t afraid to indulge in the food they love from time to time
  • Don’t let diabetes define them

This Mother’s Day, we want to share some of our ideas for how to make your Type 2 mom feel special and appreciated.

Get an idea of what she likes to do or eat

You know that one thing your mom loves to do and has hinted at getting you involved in? Think about the times your mom has mentioned doing her favorite activities and whether she’s hinted at someone joining in. You can also think about the moments your mother has mentioned trying something new and surprise her with a day of that fun activity. Take mom out to one of her favorite restaurants, a place she’s always wanted to go or cook her a meal. For example, on past Mother’s Days, I’ve developed a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu for my mother full of her favorite dishes. I also know my mom loves to garden and spend time in the yard, so I’ve spent a Mother’s Day or two out in the sun planting new things in her vegetable and herb garden.

Be mindful of her diabetes plan, but don’t make the day all about it

This is for the mother with Type 2. Of course, we want our loved ones to always be on top of their diabetes game –their lives depend on it. But people with diabetes deserve a day where they can just live. If you see mom eyeing that dessert on the menu that she wouldn’t otherwise get, offer to share it with her and help her adjust her medication to account for it.

But if you want to do something diabetes-related…

Does your mother need help paying for her medication? Offer to pay for it, if you can. Does your mom need to organize her supplies better? Consider getting her some stylish accessories to help her store them properly.

Treat your mom to a day of relaxation

Our moms do a lot, probably more than we’ll ever know! Treat your mom to the ultimate self-care day. Send her to a spa, treat her to getting her hair done, or buy her a nice at-home pamper kit full of her favorite beauty products. If your budget is flexible, you can always send her to a nice retreat or on a vacation. Think of something your mom does on a regular basis that you can take off of her plate for a day or two. Even if it’s just for a day, make it as worry-free as possible for her.

Keep it simple!

If your budget isn’t as flexible, simple works, too. A well thought-out card can go a long way in making your mom feel appreciated. Most of the time, mothers just want to spend time with their children, and no matter how old we get, that won’t change.

At the end of the day, let your mom know how much you appreciate her, love her, value her support in helping you manage Type 2 diabetes or if she’s the one with diabetes, let her know how proud you are of the way she manages it.

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