Celebrating the Sweetest Little Girl

This week we celebrated the lovely Riley turning one! Let me just tell you, this little girl is fantastic! She has the most amazing personality and I cannot even believe she is one. I absolutely love her! Her mother is even more amazing and threw the greatest first birthday party there will ever be! Ah, the explanation points are becoming too much, but I can’t help it I love these people they are amazing and I am so thankful to have them in my life.

Ok, you must be thinking, what does a one-year-old birthday have to do with diabetes? Well, nothing actually except the fact that everything on the dessert menu was totally and completely worth high blood sugars. As I mentioned earlier her mother is amazing and can definitely throw a party, and because I love her, I was there as much as I could be to help set up. On Friday I was there from 1:00pm-10:30pm doing a variety of things, putting skewers together, rolling “Oreo Goodness”, wrapping silverware, oh and watching Pretty Little Liars I can’t help it I am a sucker for that show.

Now when I am working on a task, I kind of have the habit of forgetting I have diabetes and need to eat every couple of hours to avoid low blood sugars. When you have diabetes it is important to eat on a schedule and to try and not deviate from it. With the pump it is a little easier to avoid low blood sugars if you are not eating, if you lower you basal rate. Unfortunately, the thought never crossed my mind, I was too excited and having too much fun with my friends, have I mentioned how much I love them? Of course by 5:00 or 6:00 my diabetes started screaming at me to get something into my system. I grabbed the juice box from my purse, waited 15 minutes and check my blood sugars again. I still needed something, and then I remembered a new trick someone taught me. To keep your blood sugars steady when they are low eat a tablespoon of honey and peanut butter. The honey for sugar to raise your blood sugar level and the peanut butter to make the rise in your blood sugar stay steady. Thankfully, Michelle (one of the besties and mother to our precious Riley) had picked up Papa Murphy’s for everyone and I was able to get some food in my belly and get ready for the next project.

The possibility of low blood sugars is never the only thing I have to worry about. High blood sugars can happen just as easily. Here I am prepping muddy buddies and Oreo goodness which are amazing just cream cheese and a container of Oreos for the main part, then cover them in white chocolate, I am not kidding I could have died. Literally, I probably would have gone into ketoacidosis by the end of the night if I had no self control, they were that good. For best blood sugar control give yourself your insulin 15 minutes before your first bite. When there is food around, snacking is my main down fall, and it’s hard to remember to give myself insulin first. Making the spike in blood sugars go higher than they should before the insulin can break them down. I did alright, I managed to take a few bites, then stop and give myself insulin and stay clear from all the goodies.

By 10:30 we all called it a night, that way we could get some sleep before the party the next day. Saturday, we all arrived at 1:00pm to finish up all the last minute details. I prepared myself with some snacks and made sure to give myself insulin before I did any snacking. The party went on without a hitch and was absolutely beautiful.

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