So I shed a few tears in my endocronologist’s office for the first time today, as I have been quite frustrated with my inexplainable blood sugars lately. I’ve been seeing him every 3-4 months for the last 15 years, so that’s saying a lot. For some unknown and frustrating reason my A1C jumped way up to 7.9! I haven’t been that high since early in my diagnosis. After watching my numbers drop these last couple years, this year I was officially diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. That has been no big deal as the medication seems to be keeping my thyroid numbers in check, but today the doctor mentioned he suspects celiac to be the cause. He tested me for that, along with my iron numbers. I’m sort of mixed on my feelings. It would be nice to know what’s going on with my body and move forward. However, from what I’ve been reading online, I’m not crazy about the idea of going gluten free. Also, he decided to take me off the symlin I’ve been on for the last 3 years. Any thoughts out there?

Should be around tonight after the girls get in bed. Tomorrow I’m heading off to a much needed Women’s retreat:)

I’m sorry! I don’t know what Celiac? I guess I never heard of it that I can remember… I’ll be praying for you! Big Huggs!

Man…Thank goodness you have a good doc with whom you have a relationship. You sound as though you are motivated to do what ever you need to, especially for your precious daughters. Good luck to you.

Hi Toni, I’m sorry to hear your news after you have taken such good care of yourself, but Celiac’s disease hits about one in twenty type 1’s according to the research. like diabetes, Celiac’s is another auto-immune condition where, if not treated, you will lose the ability to absorb vital minerals and nutrients into your body. Blood tests can confirm it, but getting scoped is the only way to indicate the severity. Hang in there!

Stu in Louisville.