Cellphone Hello

My cellphone belts out a hearty incoming call
ring, from an unknown caller.I quickly pull into the florist’s parking
lot, and press “Send” on my phone.


“This is Dr.X, can I speak with Heidi?”

“This is she.”

"Sorry its taken so long. I had to consult with Dr. Surgeon. So, you want to hear about the test’s results?"

Swallow, lick lips, grip steering wheel, inhale. “Yeah.”

"Your MRI was clean-"

Exhale loudly, relax.

but along your optic nerve showed signs of inflammation. You do have optic neuritis."

Oh, man. Why didn’t someone tell me this right after the MRI? I should think that was pertinant,immeadiete information.

“How’s the eye?”

“Not bad.”

"Schedule another appt. in a month or so, it should clear up without
any problems. If it gets worse, or starts hurting more, come in and see
us immeadiently."

Two weeks ago, my left eye started to hurt. As this is an eye that has
been operated on twice,(cataract, muscle) I don’t fool around with this
eye, when it starts to hurt, I would go to the clinic, period. After a
very long afternoon of every test in the book, one test turned out
wrong, I’ve got a small blind spot. Blind spot plus pain in eye=
freaked out resident and consultation with senior resident= MRI of
brain= consultation with my eye surgeon. Optic neuritis, is the harbinger of mutiple sclerosis in a small
amount of cases.

Thankfully, no Multiple Sclerosis. But its freaky to hear that I’ve got one of the signs(or triggers).

Treatment for optic neuritis is steroid shots. (if it doesn’t clear up)

Today,my left eye has started feeling really bad again + I think, if it
doesn’t go down I’m going to be begging for that shot come Monday.

One shot of steroids plus a million units of insulin.

Oh damn, Heidi.

Sorry to hear your having a rough time with it. Even if the steroid shot makes control hard, it would be worth it if it helps. I hope you start feeling better. Keep us posted.