Cellphone Re-hello

Eye doc called me back, opthomology doesn’t like to mess with cortisone injections except in

emergency cases. As in, rapidly progressing vision loss + mine isn’t that. Just this slight,

stable blind spot.He suggested a consult with the folks in neurology, who know more about

the effectiveness of it + I was wondering what good that would do me since they aren’t

opthomologists + he said opthomologists deal in progression, if things aren’t

progressivly worse(sightwise) its time to look elsewhere, for issues of pain. Besides which,

its not just one shot, its 13-17 days of continuous corstisteroid therapy. (IV, the oral pills)

Something that needs the oversight/input of a regular doctor.

So, I called the neurology department + was told I needed a referral( No one gets seen

without a referral, even though my insurance company doesn’t require one.). Then I called

opthomology back + left a message for the eye doc that I needed a

referral. Hopefully, this is all going to happen sometime soon.REALLY soon. I hope he makes

that crystal clear.