CGM breakdown and experiences, by Marina Chaparro CDE, T1

There is no question that technology has improved the lives of people with diabetes, but for some people, embracing technology can be hard, especially if you have been doing the same thing for years. We are creatures of habit, and change is often difficult. According to a Harvard Business Review, the top reasons why people resist change include “excess uncertainty,” “loss of control” and it can seem like “more work.” I see this resistance reflected when I talk to my clients that continue using the same syringes and vials they did 30 years ago or eat the same meals and snacks because that is what they are familiar with. Change implies letting go of the familiar. “There is so much technology out there, that it can be overwhelming for patients or seem too difficult to understand.” Explains Lisette Caballero, a Nurse practitioner at Joe DiMaggio Pediatric Endocrinology Center.