CGM Coverage in Canada?

Does Anyone no if CGM’s are covered in Canada, Alberta in particular. Also, when is the Dexcom coming to the north?



Sorry I can’t answer for Alberta, but in Ontario it’s barely recognized. It’s not covered by Ontario under the Assistive Devices Program, and Great West Life (my company’s benefit provider) doesn’t cover them. When I asked GWL, they said it wasn’t covered by any of their plans (so of course I suggested that he pass it on to those who cared that they should). An Animas rep told me a few months ago it is supposed to be paired with the next generation of the Ping sometime in '11, but I can’t find any confirmation of that anywhere.

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I found out today that Desjardens covers the CGM and the sensors, the bad news is they will only pay $200... every 36 months!
It's a bit of a joke, but hey maybe you'll get one month of sensors.
I am going to try and put the sensors thru, and see what happens, that just seems wrong, maybe they are confusing the actual transmitter with the sensors?

Hi I’m wondering if anyone knows if Great West Life if covering the dexcom G4/ G5 or am I beating a dead horse here ? my wife’s a Type 1 diabetic and when I told her about the dexcom and what it can do she got all excited I just don’t want her to get her hopes up to only be let down… thanks.