Cgm didnt work

Hi everyone hope your all ok.
Ive been having alot of hypos lately and for the last 4 weeks I have been to the diabetic clinic. my insulin was halved and i was running high and nothing was really giving answers with bm's so last thurday I had the cgm on. It wasnt connected to my pump but was just taking my readings. The week flew by and I was looking forward to seeing my sugars and if I was actually dropping in th night.
Everything hooked up at clinc and the cgm hadnt worked properly. It didnt read thursday or friday worked saturday then gave up again. I was so gutted.
I havent had it re attached as the diabetic team want to see if my infusion set in leg will help.
Back in 2 weeks hopefully I get to try it again as I honestly dont know if Im hypoing without knowing and its causing rebound sugars x

Have you tried setting your alarm and getting up around 3 in the morning and checking your blood glucose levels for a few nights just to get a trend with what was going on? If I was really stressing I was dropping at night with rebound highs, I'd be doing checks around 3 AM. While a CGM would give you 24 hour results I would just put my mind at ease or see if a trend does exist and just test instead of waiting to see if you can do the CGM again.

Is this the CGM that they plug into you that gives the doc the report but you don't get the feed from? That seemed dumb to me, why not give me the data while it's plugged in? But I guess doctors like it or something?

Totally agree with christy. It's probably worth your while to get up once.. or twice.. and test for a few nights, rather than waiting.

hi yeah im going to set an alarm and do it every other day. Im normal up at 4 to feed my daughter but will set phone for 3.
The Diabetic nurse wanted to do it without me seeing so i dont know when its high or to try ad get a normal reading.
Thanks x