CGM Fedseral House Bill 3710

Only 11% of bills in committee every get out of said committee in the federal government. Recently, in the House of Energy and Commerce, a bill has been introduce that would cover CGMs (continuous glucose monitor) and supplies under medicare. As we all know, CGMs are a very useful tool, especially to those of us that do not feel the symptoms of low blood sugars. CGMs give us a peace of mind at night, and for me, a peace of mind when I drive.

One of the most important impact you can have on this bill is contacting your Representative on this committee and letting him/her know how you feel about this bill. In addition, one needs to contact the Committee Chairman, rather or not he/she is your Representative, and let them know how important this bill is to you. It will not make it out of the committee unless the chairman approves it. The chairman has veto powers.

Even though I am not the age to qualify for medicare, I will be one day. I have contacted my Representatives and ask that they look into this matter. I reminded them that diabetes is a time consuming demanding disease and that with such tools as a CGM, our control of our blood glucose levels improve. With improvements in managing our blood glucose levels, we can lower our chances of complications from diabetes. After all, insulin is the only treatment for us, as there is no cure.

Here is the link that you can find your Representative and how to follow the bill. Thank you for your participation in advance. It will take all of us to make an impact.

Stoner, as you point out this is a long shot. But it is a shot. One way to think of it is that in order to get a bill approved, we need an idea to surface first, then find the right mechanism, to get out of committee, then the right situation to be enacted. This bill has surfaced the idea. The only way we will ever get one out is to tell our legislators we want it to be approved.

Thanks for the post.

Be sure to tell personal stories of low blood sugars or fear of lows in your letters. The stories help people understand.