CGM for one week and one week only!

This Friday I will have the pleasure of being able to wear a CGM for one week (covered by my insurance!!) I will be blinded to the ‘real time’ results, but will meet with my MD after results are downloaded, etc… I am interested to see what my BS’s really do…it’s impossible to know…until now. I hope this helps my fine tune my diabetes self-care. I would LOVE to get my A1C below 6.5 (my last reading). We’ll see! YAY!

It’s a shame that you’ll only get to use it for one week. But, it should be a very revealing experience for you. I learned just how much my morning commute affects my BG. I also learned that I go high when I exercise, but crash about an hour later. Since I don’t feel lows until it’s almost too late, the CGM is a lifesaver (literally!) for me.

Which CGM will you be trying?

I’m pretty sure I heard the Nurse Practitioner say it was a Dexcom. I wish my insurance would pay for me to have one all the time, but I’m glad I’m getting to use it for one week anyway. It’ll be interesting to get the results after a week. I know I’ll be much more paraniod about what I eat…no more rendezvous with cookies close to bedtime! Thanks for your comment!
Amy :slight_smile:

If it’s Dexcom, see if they’ll let you wear it till the sensor dies. I keep mine in for at least 14 days most of the time. Because all you have is a short time, eat what you regularly do and keep careful logs of what and when you eat so you can see what your BGs do in realtime. I was very surprised how some regular meals affected me. I also found that with bolus insulin, timing is everything. Good luck.

These temporary CGM trials are great for data collection–but I always wish insurance would pay for a second session, so that any basal/bolus finetuning spurred by the first could be checked during a second session.

I haven’t purchased a personal CGM yet (keep waiting for better pump-CGM integration), but think it’s the only way I’ll get closer to 6% and maintain my quality of life.

Best wishes!