CGM sensor question: should I ditch this sucker?

A question for Minimed CGM users …

I’m away from home right now, so trying to get the greatest possible mileage out of each sensor (am also not covered for them, insurance-wise), but the one I inserted last night is not lookin’ too good, and I’m wondering if I should give up on it.

I inserted in my upper hip, and while the insertion didn’t hurt (surprisingly), it bled like crazy and by morning there was also some bruising and swelling around the site. I didn’t do the start-up until this morning, and the readings were okay for much of the day (ISIG was a healthy number). Now, however (evening), it seems to be acting like a nearly-dead, day-6 sensor … persistently low readings, even though my meter BG is in range, and an ISIG of 5.18.

I’m going on a day-long rowing trip on Sunday and would like to have a reliable sensor up and running. Any ideas or suggestions or similar experiences? Should I bail and start again tonight? Thanks!!

I have had poor results with my minimed sensor when I bleed from insertion. The damage to the surrounding tissue seems to prevent it from getting a good reading. It is a downer to have to “waste” one of them, but if it’s not inserted properly and you can’t rely on it, is it really worth having it in there? Maybe give it until tomorrow (Saturday) morning to see how it’s doing. That way if you have to change it, you have a full day to acclimate to a new sensor before the rowing trip.

Also,how do you get to a day-6 with the sensor? After 36 hours mine says “Sensor End” and I have to change it? Do you just restart it like a new sensor, but with the old one?

Sounds like good advice — thanks!

Re. the 6-day thing, you just keep the same sensor in and press “Start New Sensor” (ie. trick the pump). Sensors will generally last 6 days. I’ve heard of some people getting even more time out of a single sensor, but I’ve never gone past 6 days. I understand the new Veo pump (Revel in the U.S.) doesn’t give the “Sensor End” message until 6 days.

I have gotten 8 days out of a lot of mine. I don’t seem to have much issues with it till I hit day 9 but that is when I need to recharge the transmitter anyway.

What would you do if the second sensor you put in tonight is bad tomorrow, would you insert a third or go commando?

If you’d consider inserting a third one tomorrow then I’d swap it tonight and wouldn’t chance running out of time to give it a third try. If you’d only give it one more shot before sunday, then I’d wait until tomorrow AM and make the final call then but wouldn’t let it go any longer.

I’ve had mixed luck with bleeding sites. They do usually take longer to wake-up, but for me they sometimes end up being the best sensors I’ve ever had by day 2-3-4 (which is a little ironic since they’re 3-day wear!). Then sometimes they just never come alive. Stupid MM, where is that new sensor I keep hearing about???

Good luck, hope it comes online for you!

I have had similar issues with the sensor losing its ISIG signal and correlation with BG values soon after insertion. I’ve called Medtronic tech support, and their answer has been that there is probably poor fluid circulation at the site. It’s frustrating because it has happened in sites that usually work out just fine. However, if you call Medtronic, they will send you a replacement sensor.

It seems like most of the time, I get a wierd day when it bleeds but then, after the nightime calibration and sleeping and calibrating in the morning it will go back online. I sort of like gambling but I’d probably just get up early tomorrow, see what it’s doing and whether or not it calibrates closely to BG?

Thanks, folks! So much better consulting with people who really get it than with the average MM rep!

I decided to give the thing another night (your question re. putting in a 3rd sensor is a helpful one, Tom), and this morning it seems to be back online (good jargon switch, too!). Hopefully it’ll turn out to be one of those “good bleeders”!