CGM-Sensor replacement and costs

I was surprised to hear that my RF Transmitter from Medtronics will need to be replaced every 9months to year…at a cost of $649.00! With insurance reimbursement it will be less, but, I do not remember reading this little cost in the fine print!

So my question: What value do you get from the extra cost of sensors and transmitter devices along with the hassel of shipping etc? Is the CGM Paradigm system worth the expense?

What other issues are you finding in the ‘care and feeding’ of this system?

They told me 450 for the transmitter. I use the Guardian, but I assume it’s the same issue. I don’t get insurance reimbursement. I think that the Guardian is worth the expense- my numbers are much better.

When I got mine, they told me it would need to be replaced in about a year because the battery would wear down (in spite of recharging), but they did not have any idea about the pricing of a replacement. If it really is because of the battery, this is another situation where the business of diabetes is taking precedence over the care of diabetics. Sure, Medtronic is entitled to make a reasonable profit off their products, but this is more like extortion.
Without insurance coverage for most of us, the CGMS is a very expensive luxury. I do not know whether it is “worth the cost”, but as someone who lives alone most of the time, it is a good safety net to have.

I have had three Minimed transmitters replaced. I finally figured out what what int he world was going on. I was washing the transmitter under the faucet to remove the glue residue that was left after I used the over top bandage. Each of mine were damaged during the warranty period so I had them replaced at no cost by minimed. But they told me to plan on $650, if my insurance or warranty would not pay.

Water proof does not mean waterproof is water gets in the open end of the transmitter when it is disconnected.